Best way to farm DNA?

I just started getting dna for an indoraptor i want to make the indoraptor but the irex is so much, i have him at level 30 and was wondering the best way to farm dna? I rex is almost 30k! Now i only have 11k

PvP, ad watching, trade harbor, and last resort selling hatched creatures.


If you’re a VIP, don’t forget to work the DNA Center as close to every 12 hours as possible. Level it up as quickly as you can.


Just be aware that due to its very high stats, adding an Indoraptor too soon can have a negative effect on your game events. In a lot of cases, just because you can add it doesn’t mean you really should. There’s a couple threads running specifically on that topic, but some players are less cautious and like to jump right in once they can add one and just deal with whatever comes. Just so long as you prepared for it!


I forgot to mention Boss events when they are going.


I think i am ready

If you only just started getting the s-DNA for the Indoraptor, it’s unlikely that you aren’t going to suffer some ramifications from adding one as soon as you’ve collected enough to make it. From what I’ve seen, generally players have enough to make at least several of them by the time the rest of their Jurassic lineup is sufficiently evolved to take the hit. Usually we’ll already have a nice collection of I-Rexes ready to go and just wait for the right time to pull the trigger. I was first hearing about the issues the Indoraptor caused from threads like this one a year ago:

If you search the forum, you’ll find quite a few similar discussions, including this more recent one I started a few months ago:

Opinions certainly vary on HOW long to wait (I definitely am more on the conservative side) but it really isn’t likely to be something that you want to make the moment you have the bare minimum needed.

Ultimately it’s your choice, but if you aren’t sure and are open to getting some opinions, post some screenshots of what you have and the experts on here like @Sionsith can let you know whether you might want to wait longer before doing it.

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