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Best Way to Farm Exclusives During Hybrid Pursuit

I was curious if anyone has any tips on the best locations or times to throw scents to form the exclusive DNA (like procera)? Night or Day? Park or anywhere?

Thanks for any insight.

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Depends on the specific Dino. For Procera there isn’t an ideal time and place since its not available in the wild and the pursuit-dino spawns are independent from the normal spawns.


I got quite a lot of Proceratosaurus in parks. Might be a coincidence.

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Thanks Raven, I’ll give it a try

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worst case scenario I get a bunch of Trike for my Monostego

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Yeah, that was what happened to me today.

Saw 3 Proceratosaurus in a big park and got another 4 drawn out with rare and normal scents. Caught 4 Trikes, 2 Tenontosaurus, a Postosuchus, a Quetzacoatlus and 3 Amargasaurus as “bycatch”.

Not to mention a bunch of Lythronax, Hatzegeopteryx, Dilophosaurus and Stegosaurus.

It was really worth it. :slight_smile:

By the way, it was daytime.

Procerato seems really common for a rare, and im pretty sure all pursuit dinos become global for the week that they are exclusive. Ive been seeing proceras literally everywhere, more so than apatosaurus.

Also usually farm at night because there are less other dinos that will spawn and get in ur way.