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Best way to fix PVP and Test of Might

It’s easy, stop spending resources on it. Just play battles to collect chests and use free plays on TOM. It doesn’t matter if the rewards are worth the gems you end up spending. The developers won’t be incentivised to fix it until it stops making them money. I really don’t have a solution to fix it as the weapon powers don’t lend themselves to fair matches. So unless you like having to have restore on all available heroes, or enjoy not being able to move for 4 turns while your opponent sits back and spams emojis and ranged attackd, or the brand new loading bug, or the other host of PVP shortcomings, stop paying them for the pleasure. they will then fix it.

I wish this suggestion would work. Unfortunately the developer is well aware biggest spenders are often obsessive collectors or ‘completionists’. Many such players will spend 1000s of dollars on Legendary packs, gems, scam items, useless add-on heroes and the inane events. This variety of compulsion is always manipulated by developers to drive revenue. As such, even though most players avoid such nonsense, these events will continue to be unleashed to satisfy the completionists while increasing revenue.


Orloch is right, only a very specific subset of people need to spend a fortune in game and are attracted by their expensive offerings and they are silent (probably don’t read the forum) and are happy with the game to fund them.

This is the overall issue I have with games on mobile platforms is the entire constant pay to play element. IMO the best games allow you to get by and large full functionality from paying a single purchase fee or an all access pass subscription. Yes you can then choose to pay for add-ons but you unlock things Permanently for a one time purchase.

You just look at some of the RPGs you can get on a mobile for full purchase price or a subs - Warhammer Quest I and II, Baldurs Gate Series, Runescape etc…

The advantage this game has that some of the others don’t is the competitive PvP element, Albeit poorly implemented. Which is why it is beyond me that anyone actually pays to play this game For the PvE dungeon crawl experience alone, as I find this part of the game a bit tedious with the end of level rewards and XP gains unrewarding as well.

In terms of the PvP items etc… if you can’t beat a team who freezes you in place then you need to switch up your gear. PvP Players who rely on single character moves/abilities to win a game tend to be incredibly poor once you break that move. E.g. the ones who hope dominate will stop you or the ones who hope freeze will stop you - they usually fall like a house of cards if you get out of it and put pressure on them. You are right though - these type of idiots are typically the ones who just spam the emotes at you and its usually a tell that you are playing a poor player - if they laugh Just because they kill a single one of your players. Usually a minute Or so later you’ve wiped out their entire team because they aggressively attack your counter attack characters and get procced.