Best way to get additional food?

I’ve been having some issues with my dinosaurs’ ginormous appetites. Now that i have to feed lvl 40 legendaries and tournament creatures regularly, my food’s struggling at times. What sort of custom trades work best to generate extra food?
And should i max out my food production facility? Mine is lvl7 and the upgrade costs 3000 DBs and that kind of hurts. (I am sitting on 24k DBs for context)

Even if it hurts I would recommend to upgrade your facility, that way it will produce food 24/7 if you feed it with enough coins.
I accept every trade for food against buildings, decorations and coins in the trade harbor, but I can’t tell you what works best for custom trades. From time to time I get an offer to trade 40 or 50mio coins against 20 to 30mio of food which I always accept.
For me who always trades for dino bucks the best choice in custom trades is Apatosaurus fossil, I could imagine that it works fine for food too. Give it a try.


What @Tommi said.


If you can limit the buildings you have in inventory by selling everything else I would recommend that. The apatosaurus fossil is the only thing I keep in inventory, it brings great all around trades in the harbor. 1 mil food and 400 ish DB or DNA. Only thing I would add to @Tommi ‘s post above.