Best way to get clock towers?

Hey guys. Im looking to maximize my coin production and get ALOT of clocktowers. Im using my 3 custom trades a day trying to get them, but which tactic is the best? Coins,dna,LP? Any other ideas? :grin: thanks

I don’t focus on them really. I only have about 20 or so, all by luck along the way. I still generate maximum coins every three days.


It is well possible that I’m alone with my opinion, but I do not use any clock towers to maximize my coin production. Coin production comes in time on its own.
I buy clock towers in the trade harbor for coins, food or DNA and hope that I can sell them for bucks. But this can take some time…see below.


@Tommi I agree, I found it more profitable to sell them for DBs.


I wish someone on my island knew what time it was! I’m the angry park owner that grew tired of people asking what time it was.

Most of mind have been from trade harbor as custom or offered trades, and some from the VIP prize drop.


I will never place a clock tower on my island. I do not know if they are radio controlled and if not, switching from winter to summer time and backwards could be a nightmare.


DNA for Decorations would probably give you the highest chance but would also be the most costly in resources (IMO). I do coins for decorations on the daily currently, if I get an offer for clock towers I take it, if I don’t I cancel since I do not want any of the other offers that might be given. I am in the same boat as @Potato in that almost my entire initial island is clock towers, and I am half way through the second island in switching them over to clock towers. You generally only get an offer for two on the custom trades when offering up coins (when you have north of 80mil to start) the DNA offers might offer you three towers at a time but will be costly for DNA purposes.



I have a couple clock interns on my island. I hire ones with obsessive compulsive disorders.


How often would you say you get clock towers for each attempt? I’ve tried a few times but never been successful and am still wanting to collect LP points to get more of the VIPs, so prefer to use my custom trades for those. But I definitely am getting to the point where I wouldn’t mind using a trade each day to try and get something that might land me more DBs in the TH… if the risk v reward is there.

It is random for sure maybe every 6 or 7 trades I get an offer for clock towers, just a feeling as I have not recorded this to say with certainty.

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Thanks, yeah that’s a lot of LPs I’d have to pass on then, since I get close to 300 of those per trade.

I’ve been doing coins for decorations for the past little while. Clock towers show up fairly often, at least every other day. I’ve been getting maybe 6-10 a week from custom trades. Usually a bit north of 30 mil per.

Can someone do the math on the ROI of a 16% clock tower at 30million coins vs a Hammond at 1million coins?

It would have to take a LONG time to make your coins back.

I do understand that at a certain point, the coins are useless though. But using useless coins to make MORE useless coins…

Also, how long did it take you to get 100K JW points?


The math depends on the dino paddock you are boosting. If it’s a high value paddock, the ROI of 10% extra is almost immediate. Most of my paddocks have. 450% plus bonus. With hammonds in the same configuration it was 250% or so.

Don’t think of it as useless coins but coin freedom. You always have enough for whatever pops up.

I bought a 50K loyalty point pack maybe a week or two ago which had me at 50K. So maybe a month to get up to 100K? Would be over twice as long if not a vip.