Best way to get coins?


Now that my team is getting stronger, i reached a point where evolving is becomming very expensive.
Besides supply dorps, incubators and battling in the arena. Are there more ways to get coins? I didn’t find any, but maybe i overlooked.


Your only other option is to buy cash in the market or do the offers from Tapjoy for free cash, then spend that cash buying coin packs (also in the market).


Thanks. I have a VIP so i don’t wanna spend more real money.
So i think my only and best option Will be to grap even more supply dorps. Thanks.

Because that tip for Free cash does not work for me. I did a lot of options. Even watched video’s for 1 cash Each. But never tot any cash.


turns out that there is also a limit for coins


Check other posts on Tapjoy!!
seems it’s more hassle than it’s worth!!


I’m aware of the problems people are having with Tapjoy. I just mentioned it for the sake of listing the options available.