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Best way to get Dino Bucks?

Hey guy’s I am very short on db because I bought a lot of tickets from the drop off station and I was wondering the best way to get db?

Other then the standard (completing daily missions, or events) keeping high tier decorations in your inventory is a good recommendation. Apatosaurus skeletons can garner trades up too 500 db.

What level is your park?

My park is lv 56

I am not sure you have access to the higher end decorations in the market yet, and not sure what your gameplay looks like but here are some ways to grind DB.

PvP at what ever level you can afford to do with your creatures, the higher the level the better rewards. This is not a way that you will get rewarded every battle but over time PvP grinding is a good way to increase your resources if you have the time and the creatures to do so.

The trade harbor is one of the best ways to farm DB but this greatly depends on what your market looks like as far as what is in your inventory, if you have a ton of low value items sitting in your inventory then most likely you will get low value trades, the opposite is true for high value items where you will get good to great offers for those items.

The fidelity membership if you are looking to spend some real money on the game.

Custom trades in the trade harbor where you are trading creatures for DB.

and the higher end decorations, are the ones with the highest coin price? So you place them, and then take them back in your inventory, is that correct? I thought I have read that the Apatosaurus fossil is a good one too have in your inventory… Does having multiple in your inventory increases the change for better trades?

I only keep Apatosaurus fossils in my inventory but I don’t think at level 56 the op would have access to them yet in the market ( I don’t remember when these are available to purchase by park level). That being said any decoration/building the sells for a high value of coins once you place it in your park would be a good thing to keep in your inventory. The higher amount that it sells for after being placed the better offer you will get for it if it is in your inventory. I also keep the creatures in my market to a minimum and I have been systematically eliminating MODs from my inventory as well. The MOD elimination has taken a long time but I am now down to less than 200 total I think so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for that project.

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I’m lvl 65, and for me they are purchasable.