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Best way to get DNA?

I’m making the Super Rare Cenozoic and Aquatic hybrids and it’s burning through my reserve of DNA. What’s a good way to not run out?

  • Only buy creatures when a discount is active.
  • Evolve your DNA factory to the maximum level, if you got one.
  • Be successful in events and tournaments.
  • Trade resources, buildings, decorations and creatures you do not need for DNA in custom trades and normal trade offers.
  • If you are desperate you can sell creatures you do not need directly for DNA.

Also use the free ad watch to earn 50 DNA up until it switches to only 10 DNA.


I do this myself whenever I can but my daughter also plays the game and for some reason she doesn’t have the option to watch videos to get DNA. Anyone know why that is?

Do you play the same account or a different account? If she has a minor account, she will not be able to watch video ads for anything


That’s probably what it is. She signed up before me and probably signed up as a minor (she is 9).