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Best Way To Get Duplicate 4 or 5* Dragons?

So my 3* are maxed out but I can’t get past next exploration stage - need to use 4 or 5* s, but to get them past 2 or 3* level you need dupes. Should I save up runes and do a 10+1 premium draft and desperately hope for dupes? (have got some lovely dragons doing this but only 1 4* dupe so far) or do most people get them from breeding? Trying to get final dupe for 4* snafflefang (fendmender) by breeding him against 3* - on my 7th go, previous 6 netted me 6 2* snaffles! Not much for 10 hrs and 12k fish a pop! Any thoughts?

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I‘ve only had to care about 4 star dupes so far (except event dragons) and best way to get them is - in my opinion - constantly breed 3 and 4 star until you got another 4 star, then DO NOT level up your 4 star but continue to breed for a second dupe with 4 star and 4 star.
First step sometimes takes ages and you will get lots of 2 stars, but in the second step you will get guaranteed 3 stars (good fodder) and have a higher chance of receiving the second dupe. So if you decide that it‘s worth going for the 5 star of the specific species it might be more useful to breed a 3rd dupe with a 4 star pair and continue breeding afterwards than starting again with 3 star and 4 star because you gave away your last dupe for training.

And of course Alpha chests level 7 and higher are containing guaranteed 4 star dragons so you can speculate on dupes there, in my opinion better than relying on a draft where you get a guaranteed 4 star as well because the frequency of opening Alpha chests will be higher. But you can get 5 stars by drafts and that may be a great enough advantage for you to prefer doing the pull.

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Thanks, Bee. Maybe I’m just too impatient! I’ll give the breedery a chance! Unfortunately my clan is only on level 3 chests and it’ll take forever to get to level7 at the rate we’re going!

Some people are unlucky with drafts (like me), some with breedery and some with both, there is no guarantee for nothing, but that‘s the challenge of the game.


I would say if you every choose to do a draft, would say go for the Legendary Draft. They don’t occur very much, but best luck is there if you want to do drafts.


I hate doing drafts because to me its all a gamble for 4k runes (1 4 star guarantee doesn’t seem worth it).
I did one and I got 4 4 stars (one was a dragon I needed a dupe of to level it up so that was a blessing) and I got the 5 star razorwhip somehow.
You can either get lucky like I did and I consider it a good 4k draft but you can easily get unlucky and not get anything.
Breeding is a joke. 16 hours wait time for a double 4 star breeding to get a 3 star. Nice meme.


I used all kind of way to get dupe 4* and 5* dragons, ie. breeding, alpha chest, and 10+1 draft. But I not really recommend you go for 10+1 draft as it is using your 4k runes to gamble (the best result i got was 2 5*). Might better to spend your rune on resetting trust point event.

By the way I think it has been a long time since the last legendary draft weekend?

Drafts are a rip off.

Best way to get 4* dragons is to open Level 7 Alpha chests.


@Teslabae 16h wait is long, yes, that‘s why you always update the Breedery. From level 40 and up you only have to wait 12h, that‘s okay.

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@CaptWacky Yep I absolutely agree with you. You can spend your runes on some other usage is better than doing the draft.

…if one’s clan chest can reach lvl 7 though.

I do single drafts when there’s an opportunity and I can afford the runes, sometimes I get lucky, sometimes I don’t. I think the 10+1 is a good one as it’s an offer, and you get one extra dragon per draft, but there are going to be several 3-stars included in your draft, guaranteed. And best time to do this draft deal is legendary draft special events, like the one this weekend, though having a higher chance doesn’t mean you’re getting the dragons you want. And originals are hard enough, dupes? Even rarer. Have been trying to get dupes for some of my dragons with no success.

Getting dupes is better done through breedery if you arrange your pairings correctly, but that’s a game of possibilities as well. You will get those dupes eventually, as will I, but I doubt it would be from drafts.

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4K runes = US$40
The Cumulative Probability of getting at least 1 decent 5* legendary in the Legendary Weekend Draft is less than 18%.
Drafts are a rip-off.


It is also weeks’ worth of savings, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m just saying that the 10+1 is better when one does drafts, and better done during some special draft event.

I rarely do drafts myself. Mostly breedery, trust events and… trying to get to those lvl 7 chests you speak of. Currently, my lvl is 6* so I am not that far behind anymore. Some people around here, though are, and the best - and only - solution for them in current time and space is breedery.

I have reasonable luck with the draft 10+1, I gambled and did one on Fri and got 2 dupes for a 4* yellow! Been trying to breed Fendmender (didn’t realise when I first got 2 that I should have bred them together!) so Fendmender x Brutewurst 20 times gave me 17 x 2* and 3x 3*. Have given up for the moment - doing Fireshrike x Fireshrike. See if I have any better luck. Will be using the runes I am saving to get Light Fury and second copy of Night Fury…

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