Best way to get food?

I have a mission where I need to have 30.000.000 food and I only have 7.000.000. I use a lot of food right now to lvl up my dinosaurs. So if I would to trade for it what would be the best to use for custom trades?

just upgrade your food production facility

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Trades and custom trades too, that’s how I got those missions done fast.


@Andre Stock up on Apatosaurus Fossil decorations… when I have a lot in my market I routinely get trade offers for 1 million plus food in exchange for one fossil.


Trades, AF and Hammonds for food and coins for food. 30M can be had fairly quickly


The last two comments are the absolute solutions due to that manner. Upgrading food facility on the other side is not much of an addition since it takes a lot of time and coins. You can easily make up around 5M food daily just by making some investment on those decos. Especially nowadays Chanya tends to come by having much more food offfers than ever before. At least on my rotations. Give it a shot mate. :call_me_hand: