Best way to lv up?

Im at lv 50 and want to get to 60 so that I can do the clash of titans event. What is the fastest way?

Buy the most expensive decoration you are allowed to, place it in your park and sell it immediately. Each decoration gives you a little bit XP. It takes a while and costs a lot of coins but this is the fastest way where you are in control.

Expand your park and speed up the expansions.

COT ends the 26th. With only 10 days, you’ll need to complete 28 events.

I think we have about 20 this week (maybe 22 if VIP).

If you can’t hit lev 60 by the end of the weekend, I don’t think you’ll be able to make it this month.

Ideally, today or tomorrow.

I think I did about 1.5 levels a day as I was reaching for lev 60.

I didn’t do the decoration buying/selling, I just did missions like it was going out of style.

Be sure to buy the fossils to sell in the trade harbor. Ideally for coins, to buy about 2 more.

You can buy ahead 5 land expansions for DB ahead of your park level. But that will only get a level or 2. Don’t waste the DB unless you can get to 58.

I really don’t think you can make it this month due to event completion, so I’d caution you to spending DB this way.

What mission are you on?


The best ways to gain levels are to hatch and evolve creatures, buy and place decorations (as high as possible), work story missions, complete daily missions and Code-19s, and open up new territory. I would strongly advise against using Dinobucks to unlock territories as that causes other issues, but that is your prerogative.