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Best way to make DNA?

Hey guys, was wondering if you guys know any other (fast and/or cheap) ways to get some DNA. Only way Ive been getting DNA is just doing story mode missions so I really dont think my line up is the strongest for the level im in atm (Lvl 54).

And also, because my line up is pretty unbalanced too, my top 2 falls from being approx 1k life to my third being about 700ish.

So I was thinking of making my trex a level 30. Though because they’re pretty pricey, i dont know if its a wise move. All in all, im out about 3k DNA for him and ive got 1 t rex atm with 2 in the incubator thing.

You guys recommend any other ways to get DNA or level up dinos to maybe equalise my top 3/4 of my line up? thanks!

PS. Preferably a way to get my line up ready before the next tournament. that mystery carno looks pretty sick lol.

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If you want a solid way to net extra dna per day, work on coin production. There are some good video tutorials around this by @Sionsith. Some information on the forums too around coin traps will help.

When you get to the level that unlocks the trade harbour you can make a lot of dna from coins, I’ve made 15k of dna in one day before thanks to chanya. (This is an insane amount compared to 2,400 dna that us vip members get a day from the dna factory)

This is a lengthy process though that would require you to spend dna on common hybrids in order to make the return on coins.

But if for now your looking to get dominator finishes as quick as possible I would put a hold on taking this route, work on getting some of your legendaries to 30.


Oh okay thats cool. Would definitely try that as well. Its just when I see other forum members commenting on what to do about spending DNA, some seem a bit hesitant and would rather wait for when they receive a free copy (I dont really have the patience for that hehe). Thanks!

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Yes there are ways to save dna also, I dont think I have ever spent dna on a legendary, super rare, rare or common as the game gives me a lot of copies from PvE so you can build your teams without spending a single strand of dna.

I have a level 40 pteranodon and another 16 copies waiting to be hatched for instance, shunosaur is also level 40 and is locked for me but I have 8 more copies waiting to be hatched.

In time the game will give you a lot of copies of certain dinos from PvE this is why you see alot of the forum members saving dna and spending elsewhere (on creatures you cant get free such as certain tourney, legendary hybrid and some super rare hybrids)

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Oh sick cant relate haha. So I guess my options for now would be either chanya or wait for PVEs. Though waiting for PVE might take awhile, Ill probably see when that tournament happens to decide whether i should spend dna or not. Thanks again!

I can see how VIP can be really advantageous now for these situations with their VIP exclusive tournaments everyday hahaha. The temptation is real lol.

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Those are vip exclusive events each day, granted it’s an extra rare, super rare and legendary dino but even non vips can get the numbers up with the standard daily events available to all players each day.

You will find in time that you will have an overabundance of legendaries so it’s a good idea to always keep your hatchery going with every creature the game gives you.

Ideally first slot is for commons and rares (and super rares once you have got through commons and rares) and then the next 3 slots for legendaries and tourneys

I’m guessing this doesn’t apply to hybrids right?
I’ve decided to take this route as well but I’m just curious if there’s any way to get (aside from Gyrosphere) hybrids without buying them from the market


U can get spinoraptors, rajastegas and diplotators from modded pvp

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U can also do coins<jurassic hoping for a hybrid but thats just too long much for you probably

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I wouldnt even do the gyrosphere, even if they brought the price down to 50 bucks it is not worth it.

Even the vip exclusive gyrosphere is pony, small chance at a rare hybrid, take away the common hybrids and put some super rare hybrids in there and then it would be worthwhile.

Also for your reference I’ve been offered labyrinthosaur and pelicanypteryx for as little as 7 mill coin in CT TH

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Umm 50 bucks for a pelecanimitrix? Yes i am taking that!


But yeah thats not confirmed so…

DNA is a hard high use resource to come by. Later in the game, tournament hybrids will be what you need. They range from 30,000DNA and up. Right now, I need ones that are 55,000DNA.

That means I can add about 2 per week if I don’t really spend DNA on anything else. (And grind tournaments for DNA.)

It is more about focusing what you use your DNA on than not spending DNA on other things.

It is also about NOT spending DNA on things you can get with other resources (like coins!)

PvP modded which is a lot of coins and some DB can yield Rajastega over enough time. That is about 26,000 DNA per copy! I can wait until I get them there vs not getting 1/2 of a tournament hybrid that I need for preparing for an Indoraptor.

In the end, how I spend DNA is more due to my personal game goals. I need dinos to put around an Indoraptor, and they are expensive.


Personally i think. Thinking about saving too much dna and all that just takes the enjoyment from the game. Thats my opinion. If you wanna play smartly theres nothing wrong but thinking about getting everything for free is just going to destroy your gaming experience


It’s why I’ve held off fusing for a rajastega, with the amount of modded PvP battles I do I am bound to get rajastega some time soon, so no point in spending the dna on that, all I need is 2 right now to compliment my lineup, in the mean time indominus and (soon to come) dimetrocanus will fill in the gaps for the carnis I am lacking.

Ostapo is the only other one I will reserve dna for, even late game at level 40 hes still very useful.


I too need 2 rajastegas and spinoraptors for my future lineup. If only i had rajasaurus maxed i would have got rajastega by fusing. Smh

@Aether_12 It seem I am extravagant because I spent too much (at least 30,000 - 40,000 DNA per week.)

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Build up coin production and grind PvP modded, you’ll get both and more.

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I already grind 10 modded battles a day…

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It is just about putting the time in.

I’ve been grinding for many months (4 or 5 now?) and I’ve got 3x Raj and 11x Spinos.