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Best way to optimize coin production

what’s the best way to optimize coin production (lvl 54)

Coin Traps. I recommend to watch @Sionsith’s video on it.

Also, I remember this query had been posted before too so I would suggest that for future queries, it would be best to search if said query has been posted already. If it hasn’t, then we are here to help you out.


thanks for the help🙏

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What level are u? Surround everything with Trike heads. If ur low level best coins productors are Majungas, Dilophos, Labyrinthosaurus, Alanga, Hatzego, Unay, Pachycephalo.

i’m lvl 54

Common hybrids, that collect every 30 min in a coin trap. Yes, it costs DNA, but they are useful and the coins will pay back the DNA in trades and such.


^ this

You have to think of it as a long term investment though and be willing/able to log in fairly often through out the day to collect the coins as well.

I just started playing one of my daughters accounts again that we started several years ago then stopped playing. She was around lvl 54 or so when I picked it back up several weeks ago and I wanted her game to be fairly self sufficient and not require me to do lots of work on it to get resources and make progress as I already manage another daughters game along with mine. With that being said I started going this route with the common hybrids. I started off with around 4 lvl 40 Alangasaurus with minimal decorations then added 4 Labyrinthosaurus (more so to have some herbs to battle with) and I added 3 Limnorhynchus to balance out my line up a little more. Since then I have only been adding Alangasaurus’s I think I am up to 7 lvl 40’s and since I have also unlocked the John Hammond decoration. (non VIP so no clock towers) I coin trapped the carno and the herb. I get close to 1mil every 30 minutes from the Alangasaurus and I think 400k or so from the Labyrinthosaurus then another 300k or so from the Ptero.

It’s been fairly nice, just collecting coins then working the trade harbor the best I can trading AF’s and JH’s for whatever floats my boat.

I took a break from adding common hybrids on that game for 2 weeks or so and made some SR hybrids Stegocerotops and Ankylodocus, then got each to lvl 11+ so that chewed up a nice chunk of DNA that I could have been using to make more common hybrids. But now I am back to making common hybrids for more coin output.

Like I said it is nice if you can collect often but there are times I only log into her game once or twice a day and my coin resources can take a dive pretty quick when doing that.

Trading decorations for food then food for coins is my main source to get lots and lots of coins. The dino’s really just support the decoration purchases for now.

Also like to add this is the complete opposite of my account where I just made my 1st lvl 40 Alangasaurus last week :stuck_out_tongue: My account is also lvl 99 so yeah.


This guy is the man. He also comes in handy for PVE once in a while (and early tournament levels). I’ve maxed my Alangasaurus paddock too, he’s also helpful in PVE sometimes. You won’t be able to get this much of a boost if you’re not VIP though because of the clocktowers. If you can’t login often, I like Diplotator, he’s every 6 hours and Trex is every 8 hours. You’ll need a couple of level 40s and decent boost, but they will help in tournaments too. Once you get to a higher level, other hybrids are helpful as well. I hatch all my commons and rares and those paddocks are pretty full and they give me several hundred thousand coins every few hours as well (Dilophosaurus is every 30 minutes).


I made a lengthy guide for this topic.


The best (but most resource and time intensive) decoration is the Clock Tower. The best 2 decorations that are the easiest to get are the Park Oasis and JH Memorial. Surround paddocks with 2 layers with Oasis, then 1 outer layer of JH memorials.

DO NOT use buildings whatsoever because they reward so very little coin yield. Legit the worst dinos in the game in terms of coin production is still leagues better than the best building.

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