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Best way to speed up the evolution?

Hi guys,
few months ago i read a very interesting article how to earn a lot of dinobucks, to speed up the research for the dinos. (here in the forum)
I´m playing the game for a lot of months, i have enough DNS (always round about 60k), 50k of food, 90k of coins, dinobucks around 10k. So here is my question:
Do you invest the bucks to speed up the research? Whats the best way to earn more bucks? I often took my three attempts at the market to trade JW-points (dont know what its called in english, maybe fidelity points?) in bucks, but i only get around 250-300 bucks per day with this way.
Do you have a special way to trade? Do you prefer other tactics to speed up? Whats your advice to invest the bucks?
Thank you. I´m very excited to hear some suggestions :slight_smile:

@Saegi best way to build up your Dino Bucks is to do PvP and then not use the bucks :). I only speed up generally if there is some sort of deal going on where the speed up is at a 15%-20% discount. Otherwise I let the game take its action. Another way to build up your bucks is on the world boss events, you can get up to 10,500 bucks for the damage missions if you have the time to put in World Boss Information Thread. I never trade VIP points for Bucks, they are two valuable for getting VIP creatures. VIP creatures have a faster cool down than their equivalent non VIP creatures allowing for a much faster battle turn around time allowing you to battle more times and in turn build more resources.

This is my way of playing which works for me, others will have different ways, really it is up to you on how you want to proceed through the various stages of the game.


Thank you for you answer. Especially the part with the “World Boss Information Thread” is very interesting.

It would be fantastic, if you could specify some points:
You save the bucks for speeding up, when there is a discount? Or do you invest the bucks in Cards?
You dont take VIP points to trade, so you invest the Points in Cards to geht VIP creatures?
Which kind of resources do you trade at the market?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Generally, I don’t use my bucks. If the prize wheel has a creature I don’t own at all, I may spend bucks on that. Probably foolishly as I have yet to win one of those. Every once in a while I will speed up either recovery, fusion, or creation, but that’s not my normal. When it comes to trading, my guiding principle is to get loyalty points. I use all three of my daily custom trade as coins for loyalty points. I do not like to trade DNA or bucks or top level boosters. I don’t trade creatures that I still need. Everything else is fair game.

Ludia offers discounted events sometimes for only a couple of hours sometimes for an entire day, I try to not use my Bucks unless it is during one of these times. I will still use them on occasion if I am trying to get to a certain end result by a certain time for instance I sped up hatching a new Hybrid I just got yesterday so I could fuse it to level 20, I didn’t want to wait the 7 days to do this, however now that it is level 20 I will wait the 2-3 weeks to hatch two more to fuse it to level 30 since I will need time to farm DNA in order to hatch two more of them.

I use the VIP points to buy the VIP packs either the 10k or 20k packs, VIP creatures are my work horses. They have a very short hatch time (6 hours) and their recovery time after a battle is significantly less than an equivalent non VIP creature. This last one is probably most important as it allows me to complete battles more times in a day since a lot of them at level 20, some at level 10 if you pair them correctly, will qualify for the Elite PvP prize wheel. I just logged in to do a battle because I couldnt remember the name of the level “Elite” and got 500 Dino bucks and a Helicoprion card off two spins, the VIP Aquatics I used have a 6 hour cool down the one non VIP creature which is weaker has an 8 hour cool down.

As far as trades go I look at VIP and Dino bucks as being equal I will not trade these for other items, except if there is an offer for a VIP creature or high level Hybrid I do not have or the trade is worth it from a reward standpoint. I will trade Coins for just about anything since these are easily generated, I will also trade boosters for just about anything except coins. I will also trade creatures all the way up to tournament creatures if the following is true: I dont have a need for the creature (meaning I either already have a level 40, I have something that is stronger / better, or I at least have a level 10 already hatched (this is for the raptor training challenges)), the reward is for one of the following at an amount that makes me feel it is worth it Dino Bucks, VIP points, DNA. In general Coins<Food<DNA<(Bucks or VIP points).

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Here is a screen shot of the discounts I was referring too.

This one is for reduced creature purchase, save on DNA usage. I try to take advantage of these and try not to do any bulk activities without a discount in place.


Here’s my mindset:

  • Don’t do trades that trade dinobux for VIP points, or vise versa.
  • Do the trades that get the +8 boosters.
  • Trade the boosters in for dinobux (should be anywhere between 150 and 300)

Although usually I don’t do all 3 at a time. At max, I do 2.

Sometimes I’ll do a risky move, like buying a legendary hybrid and trade that in for dinobux.

For the most part, I get deals though the trade harbor and save. ATM I’m up to 105,000 dinobux.