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Best way to use custom trades (May 2020)

I was looking through the forums and couldn’t find a good answer to the question: What are the best custom trades to do? It seems that it used to be to get Dino Bucks but that changed at some point.

I’d like to see what people suggest and also see if I can get some more information about the limits of custom trades, as I don’t think this is discussed in SionSith’s Demistifying the Trade Harbor thread.

Lets start with limits. I’ve been trying to get food from coins but the I haven’t gotten any trades greater than 2M coins for about .5x food. Is there a limit on how many coins are chosen? I thought it might depend on my total number of coins but now I have over 70M and it hasn’t changed.

Are there any other limits aside from the 50DBs that are stated in the interface?

The best results I’ve obtained have been trading Fossils for LPs. I get between 200-300LPs, which isn’t great, but good enough. When I tried trading a tournament dino I was offered very little, much less than the handful of times I’ve been offered through the normal trades so I had to cancel and lose the trades. Are there any other good custom trades other than Fossils for LPs/Food/DNA?

I think other than that, your best options are to trade coins for creatures and then wait for a good trade offer for them. Coins for cenozoics for instance, has a good chance of getting tournament creatures and you can get a lot more LPs for those than if you use a custom trade to trade the tournament for LPs. Coins for Jurassics mostly gives legendaries, but good chances to get rare and SR hybrids so a great way to add good tournament creatures to your bench and taking TH trades for anything else. The downside is that I do find the TH will often give you multiple trades for the same creature when it’s the only thing in your market, so this works best when you can keep a close eye on the TH for when a trade pops up so you can clear it and keep your market empty.

Most of the other trades I don’t find are really good enough to waste custom trades on. Some players will try coins for decorations to try and get clock towers, but those don’t come up often enough for me, compared to the surety of getting at least a legendary on a coins to dino trade. As you’ve seen, you never get the high coins to food trades, similarly if you try coins to DNA, etc. that you get in the TH. Not sure what the limit is, but it’s definitely not very high.

I have at times done DNA to creatures, and had good luck on things like aquatics getting creatures for less than their typical cost as well as VIPs for DNA showing up. But you do have to be willing to lose some trades doing that, and that’s not really to gain resources so much as just going shopping.


Custom trades I typically do coins for decorations as a VIP player at level 90. Mostly as I’ll pick up a few clock towers a week, and the regular trades for the VIP decorations like clock towers, ocean fountains and earth parks are usually great in terms of bucks/DNA.

Coins for dinos can be hit or miss. Lots of offers for mid level hybrids like carnoraptors.

Coins for loyalty points seem to give me around 300-400 per trade.

Most of the other resources I do not trade off that often as the value of the trade isn’t there for me.

Basically I worked for a few months to build my park to be a coin factory. The value here is that I always have enough coins for whatever pops up. So typically they are my main trade fodder as I don’t mind wasting them.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I’m also building up to be a coin generation park with lots of copies of a couple of common hybrids. I’m still developing though, but I hope to be making 1M coins every 30 minutes at some point soon, which hopefully will give me a good source of funds.

If I’m going for LPs, would you suggest trying to do coins for LPs over Fossils for LPs?

Fossils for LP over time will be better than coins for LP.

I almost strictly do coins for creatures, currently doing Jurassic creatures since I almost always get one rare or super rare hybrid a day, and some days get two or three. Some of my super rare paddocks are almost maxed out now and so I might continue doing those trades and then leaving them in my Harbor for regular trades as a regular trade is always better than custom trades from a value perspective.

My Trade Harbor video goes into some of this.

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Thanks Sionsith. FYI, I don’t know about others but for this kind of information I find it much better in writing because then I can consult/search it easily. Great work on the videos though! The work is appreciated.

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@Sionsith has really high coin production so you probably won’t be able to afford what he is doing if you don’t have a park producing massive coin amounts yet. I generally only do a single coins for creature trade unless the first was really cheap, as I want to make sure I still have enough coins should I get any trade offers that require a lot of coins. Nothing sucks more than getting a great trade like a pair of hybrids, and not having the resources to take it! The other 2 trades are usually fossils for LPs.

I also kind of like doing aquatics and cenos as I still have quite a few of those including legendaries that I need level 40’s of, so I don’t trade off everything that I get.

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Just wondering: How much does a VIP creature trade for loyalty points? Got a brontotheirum I dont need out of solid gold pack and there’s no way I’m gonna hatch that.

I am not a that experienced player, but I would say NEVER give away VIP creatures. They are just so strong and so cheap to hatch. Just hatch it out and make your cenozoic bench deeper.


I don’t know exactly how much you would get but I’m curious, why would you not want to hatch a VIP? My current strategy is to hatch as many as possible since they are incredibly strong and have really fast cooldowns.

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I generally do 1 trade coins for jurassic, 1 coins for cenozoic and 1 for decorations. I’d say I get 2 clock towers at least half the time. The jurassics and cenozoics, if it’s something I need, I toss it into the hatchery. But a lot of the time, I get decent offers of bucks or LPs for those on regular trades. Not sure that this is the most efficient/best trades available… but coins are so useless that it at least gives them some level of value for me!

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Totally agree. I have four lvl 20 Brontos and use all of them almost every day. Decent attack for a savannah so useful in both PvEs and PvPs. Would love to have a few more. A Pano - Thyla (or deer cat) - Bronto lineup is a very strong PvP lineup that I virtually never lose with.


Not sure if I just have particularly bad luck but have tried coins for decorations at least a dozen times and never once gotten a clock tower. Let alone two! Don’t even bother to try any more.

Maybe your coins need to be shinier? I see in the Trade Harbor post that people are often commenting on how shiny Chanya’s coins are in compared to boring paper and food… :wink:

I honestly have no clue what luck gives me clock towers, but I’m grateful to get them for coins! I’m sorry that you haven’t had similar opportunities!

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Pictures work best… The best trades If you have spares is legendary Dino’s. You get 500-1000 loyalty points or 2 for $100 Dino bucks. Yes, 2 pics are trade harbor and not custom trade. Just wanted to show what is out there if you have Dino’s in your market. Those Dino’s can be had for about 6k-8k dna. So good deal if ask me. I think the range for the fossil is more like 300-500 loyalty points in custom trade.

I guess you can play coins for Dino’s and hope for a decent hybrid. But I always go for The sure thing and buy a gold pack and take a vip out of it.

I think the game has changed quite a bit. Back when trade harbor opened you would see some really cool trades. That’s how I got clock towers, wind turbine, zip line, bistros, and solar greenhouse. I once got like 40 observatory’s for like 1,000,000 food back when I was so new, I had not unlocked observatory.

Then they changed trade harbor and you can’t get stuff like that anymore. Now when Vip stuff shows up in Trade harbor you have to join to get them. So maybe if your trading in coins in custom trades, you only get vip decorations and buildings if your vip.

I believe that is correct, if you are a non VIP member you are excluded from getting the VIP creatures or buildings in the custom trades, just like in the standard trade harbor. Not sure if anyone can confirm this or not.

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My current best cenozoic is a lvl 1 legendary.

Just hatch this brontotherium and leave it at level 1.
I also do this and your lineup won’t be destroyed.

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Not quite.

If you aren’t VIP, you still see the VIP trades, but aren’t allowed to do them.

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