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Best way to use Scents


I just managed to get lucky enough to get an Epic Scent from a scent strike tower.

What’s the best way to use this? Should I use it at home or while on my way somewhere, like while I’m out taking a walk or something?


move while using it


Use it when you are walking or on a bike, and release the scent in a local zone that there is dinos that you need


Best way to use it is when walking. You have to walk between spawns this way you are guaranteed to get 2 spawns per 2min instead of 1.

Another thing to take into account is the area you are in. What epic do you want the most ? I use them in area 1 mostly at daytime because you can get kentro and sino.
The time is important and watch out for parks, because if you walk near a park sometimes you get a pteranodon (and at the moment probably it’s not something you want).

Another tips is to plan your path to make sure you never get out of darts. Make sure there are some drops or you can keep some incub unopened to get darts !


Thank you.

How exactly do these areas work? Is there a way to accurately find out which kind I’m in?


The best way is to check the commons since there are a lot of them (rares also) . For L1 for example you check for deinocheirus, dimetrodon gen 1&2, dilo gen 1.
Just make sure there are multiple if them (for example deino are spawning at bus station in other area)