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Best way to utilize resources to beef up my team?


Hey friends,

I hit 18 last night (@TheMaxx motivated me haha). Got what could be my last oto (I cant afford them all wothiut a sponser haha).

So, here I am, wondering how to best use what i got. My goals are simple - finish top 500 (think my team can do that) and live in arena 9 - i want my alanqa dna dang it.

Heres the team and you can see my resources:

Im thinking spending 4500 to buy coins, and using the leftover to buy epic scent capsules to try to beef up my monomimus. Its just so strong at later levels. But even with epic scents, im like 1 for 5 last time in actually seeing one.

Anyone have any suggestions for me?

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i can give you a tip. try a beauty salon in an L3 zone for mono.

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Mono is next weekend’s epic event (at least according to rumors online)

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where can i find these rumors?? @Happyelf


I saw it in a Facebook group. Not a perfect source but I’d wait a couple days to see if it pans out before spending on scent capsules that might give mono

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we just had gallimimus though so i think this is false. plus it would say the dates on it.

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I’d say your team is better than mine. Most of my successes are with spinosuchus, pyritator and raj.

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