Best ways to collect DNA

Hi guys I’m trying to evolve my creatures so all my unlocked commons are lv 31+, rares 31+, super rares 21+ and legendaries 11+
At the moment, I’m having a small problem that my DNA is being used up very quickly. I can rebuild it back up to 3000 in about 3 days, but are there are faster ways for a level 30 player? If so, please do tell

If your level thirty I would just focus on building up your team. I tried the same thing and it really stunted my late game progress

What exactly do you mean by that?
The reason I’m doing it like this is to make PVE and my team kind of the same standard

Or are you more or less saying only focus on the creatures that you are really going to use in your team (like your top 15 or maybe even 10) and if a creature becomes useful later on (a hybrid component) just level it then? Really? Doing it how im doing at the moment has seemed to be quite successful at the moment. Also, how did it stunt your growth. Sorry if this sounds a tad rude, it really isn’t ment to be, I was just wondering what kinds of things would happen if I carried on like this

First of all, you’re never going to have enough DNA, unless you are prepared to spend large amounts of real money. So, I would encourage you to learn patience. Second, your never going to have creatures equal to the PVE ones. That’s a function of the game: to generate battles that will challenge your best (presumably) three creatures. So, PVE creatures will always be better than yours. And the better your creatures are, the better creatures the AI will bring in response. And you cannot out creature the AI. We have a limit cap. The AI does not. Please take the time to read @Sionsith’s very excellent analysis of Ferocity and PVE.


I think what you are proposing can work, there is only one short cut in the game and it comes in the form of a credit card with a large limit. The only other way to “speed up” your progress is to grind PvP. If you stick to doing all of the daily missions and completing all of the daily pack battles you will progress decently quick, once you throw PvP on top of that you can start to really generate some momentum on your back log in your hatchery/market. But @Andy_wan_kenobi is right in that you need to watch what you are hatching and what you are leveling, for instance the moment you hatch and evolve a +11 legendary you are going to make all of you commons mostly obsolete from a PvE stand point. They will still be good for farming PvP but you will also be in the bottom tier of the prize wheel with them. The game is about balance throughout if you want to be able to compete in all that the game has to offer. Again it depends on what your goal is with the game, if you want to just level your creatures that is something that you can do but eventually it will cost you in PvE if you level them in an imbalanced way.


Thanks for the explanation. It was cleared up a lot for me