Best ways to get DNA fast and easily

Hello I have created this thread to ask you guys how to get DNA fast and easily. I don’t have V.I.P. And I don’t plan on getting it the reason I need DNA is because my lineup needs better and more stronger creatures such as maxed tournament creatures and some maxed lvl hybrids and that as you know requires a lot of DNA so feel free to leave comments and I look forward to hearing your tips tricks and ideas


Hey, I’m also not vip, here are some tips, first one, do all of the daily missions, that’s on average 500 dna, collect your daily pack cards plus video for free and that should give an extra 500.

Then keep only Apatosaurus fossils, you will get offers if trade harbor is unlocked, that should be extra 500.

Do all of the daily events, extra 500 on average.

On tournaments or boss battles do every one you can.

And if you still want more, use your daily trade coins (maxed) to ceno, and then trade that dino for the DNA, around 1000

If you want more, what I did is trading for dna dinos that are not related with my future goals, that is not completely recommended but that’s what I did.

By this and some TH rare trades you might get 3,000 a day, and if you grind a lot something of 5,000 or more, currently with hard work and luck I’m making over 50,000 a week without being VIP, hope it helps


@Mr_Nobody_cares wow just wow ok thanks for the tips and ideas I do have the TH unlocked because I’m lvl 87 and I will try some of those and btw you must have a lot of DNA


Great reply!


I don’t remember where I heard it first but there are three legs to any problem like your question, usually those three things are cost , quality/quantity and speed. You can’t have all three you only get to pick two of the three…

So you want DNA fast and in large quantities you will have to pay for it (VIP or purchasing out right packs).

If you want large quantities of DNA but don’t want to pay for it, it will take time. Now you can have more “quicker” if you invest your own time by grinding PvP day in and day out you can speed this up.

But you can’t have free, quick, and easy.


I play fairly casually but typically have enough DNA to keep my hatchery busy.

Just try and complete daily PvE, complete all the daily missions and code 19’s

On top of that work the trade harbor the best you can. Like mentioned keep a good stack of apato fossils in your inventory, I typically keep some John Hammonds as well.

Work the trade harbor and get a good store of resources especially food and coins and use those trades (when they are good) for DNA, or other things

I don’t typically do too many custom trades for creatures personally, as non VIP you only get 1 free custom trade per day and more often than not my trade offers are duds even with max coins.

With that being said though, I routinely get good random coin for DNA trades fairly frequently. It isn’t uncommon for me to get trades that are say 15mil coins up to 30mil or so for 2k-6k DNA.

Other than that tournaments and boss events


@Sionsith ok I do understand that I can’t get DNA fast and I’m willing to work for it and wait as long as needed


Great! I’m glad it worked and kind of, I’m level 88 and right now I have 530,000 dna, what’s cool is that I’m spending 80,000 dna a week and still adding it more, that’s the cool thing that you get to a point that you can spend some and even still rise your dna level.

Another tip is using modded pvp using two low level creatures in first and third spot, and in your second putting a level 40 legendary or higher, for buying mods you can use coins or the 10DB, I do love it, you can obtain a lot of free Dinos that you can trade for dna, just for an example I have 24 diplotators (2,000 DNA each) in two months of doing 5 fights a day, so if you still need extra you can use this, or even a free rajastega.

Good luck!


I don’t have VIP and I don’t do all the daily missions, I don’t even do all the events to be honest. But I can make 40 to 50k dna per week just by keeeping an eye on the trade harbour and staying fully stocked with Apato fossils and Hammond statues.
I always have at least three of each and I’ll trade them for any resource except coins. If there is a coin trade I’ll pay even more attention because I find that they are often followed by trades for food/dna/bucks.
I also keep a bunch of them placed in my park so if I get down to my last fossil and there is a coin trade in the harbour I don’t have to take that fossil out of the market and lose the coin trade that is on offer in order to buy more of them.


@BinoDucks I am using your tips as well and so far it’s been working so I am hoping to see great results in the next months or so

The one I want to high light, is tournaments. In Dominator, the DNA prizes can be pretty good. Battle a lot and win in Dom can get you 10K+ DNA in a weekend. I always aim for 2000 trophies for this reason alone. (I’ve done more, but I was getting burned out on the game going for 3000+.)


@Timmah ahh yes I would’ve gotten burnt out too if I went for 3k+ cups in a tournament

@BinoDucks @Mr_Nobody_cares I have been doing what you said and it’s working out really well I’ve gained a decent amount of bucks and I’ve gained almost 5k DNA in 2 day’s

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@Ironman4life, @Mr_Nobody_cares mentioned the “video for free;” I’m not sure if he’s referring to how you can watch a video for an extra mystery pack every twelve hours, or if he’s talking about how you can click the DNA currency in the top left and then watch some videos (I think it’s maybe 6 videos every 12 hours) for 50 DNA each. Every little bit adds up.

This idea probably goes without saying, but consider, too, how you spend your money. I’ve been playing a little over three years. My goal was/is to get every creature up to level 40, starting with lowest cost (the Triceratops) and going up from there. I only buy hybrids during the discount times; I have rarely had to buy any other creatures, thanks to playing so many events. When I do, I buy the cheapest creature I need. It took me a little over two years to get everything up to the tournament creatures maxed out. I now use my free incubator to hatch any non-legendary cards I collect and then immediately sell those creatures for DNA. For reference sake, I just maxed out my Gorgosaurus.

My main point is that since I was rather frugal with my DNA spending, DNA has almost never been a problem for me, even though I am not a VIP.

Tournaments are also an excellent way to get DNA. The prize wheel for tournaments has no creatures on it; between DNA prizes and card packs, you have almost a 60% of winning DNA as a prize in tournament battles.

Good luck and have fun. Realize what your goal is and hatch correspondingly; since I started at the bottom and am working my way up, my ferocity isn’t always as high as I might like, nor is my bench as deep as I might like, but ferocity isn’t my goal. If doing well in battle is your goal, you’ll obviously want to purchase differently.



@BinoDucks @Mr_Nobody_cares I have went from 74k DNA to 88k DNA in 2 days which is amazing I have been using your ideas and they work amazingly well and some of that DNA was from a battle stage I just did but that was only 7k but you’re guys idea got me 7k DNA in just 2 days so I would just like to give you guys a big thanks


Thanks @HanSoloWannaBe for your advice I still have a lot of things in this game to learn.


yeah I’ve been doing this but getting tiresome so might just go for the min for dom finish moving forward

Thee best option that I found is thru boss battles. Complete all the goals and its like 17,000 DNA.

Other options are good, but this is the fastest way outside of being VIP.


Great to hear that! I hope that soon there is a battle boss event, it also gives tons of dna

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I think the best way is not to spend…