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Best week ever! Valentine Event


THIS IS INSANE! Thank you Ludia!


5 attempts at legendary dinos is awesome.


HOLY MOLY! I feel spoiled now, don’t know what to pick lol.


Damn, thats one busy week.

Wonder how epic strikes will look like.


is this real??? :star_struck::star_struck:

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I have no idea which legendaries to focus on. Or epics for that matter. Need all of them!

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I got 5k baryonyx, other than that I’m going 5 sino 4 rex

Lvl 30, Utasino, Allosino & Spinota???

I need someone to pick for me, it’s to much to handle lol

24 × Velo
15 × Dimetrodon / 15 × Kapro
6 × Sino / 3 × T-Rex
But i don’t know about Sunday yet, hard choice… :thinking:

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Great week! Just hope there are enough green stops :slight_smile:

For me in a ideal situation

24x Velociraptor
30x Dimetrodon
9x Sino
3x Alloni
2x Tryos

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what category do you need help picking with? :smiley:

Rare epic and legendary, basically everyone haha

What legendary are you going for and why?

Oh, wow! That’s a stellar line-up—probably one of the best ones I’ve ever seen.

…and I have no idea what I’ll go for, either. :joy::joy::joy: Lots of options are the best options, though, that’s for sure…

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for the rares I’m going for 12 dimetrodon, 8 spinosaurus, 6 postosuchus, 2 utah and 2 kapro
for epics I’m going for 5 sino, 3 rex, 1 bary
for legendary lol I’m going for 1 spinota, 1 tryostronix, 1 allosino 1 utasino and 1 indom

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Oh my lord.

For a second I though we skipped February and March and it was already already April 1st…


Don’t you think it would be better to go 5 attempts on only one legendary? Argggh I don’t know lol

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