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Best week ever! Valentine Event



I’m going sooooo hard on the spino line. Thing is rarer than my dad.


Holy moly that really is a nice week!



Now this is what we all want from the dinosaurs of the week! This is just awesome sauce!

I‘ll be Veloci, Utahsino, Sino, Utahraptor. :smiley:
So I really can focus on Erliko this week.

Not to forget Spinosaurus and Dimetrodon.


Next week is going to be nuts!!! Going all velo, undecided on rares, I could use allllll of them! All Sino and then 2 on allosino, 2 on Indominus and 1 on Spinotasuchus! How do y’all feel?? What’s your plan!

5 attemps to unlock utahsinoraptor!

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Somebody going to post the same infographic a 4th time ??

You asked for it! :slight_smile:


That means lvl 20 Utahsino next week! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

The dinosaurs available during the week are all ingredients for the sunday’s legendaries… I’ll wait to see how the week goes before taking any decision for sunday!

My focus will be on Kaprosuchus and Sinoceratops during the week…

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This is by far the best event I could ever ask for :smile: I thought It was going to take awhile to reach L28 utasino, and 29 thor but thank you!! I’ll be your valentine @ ludia, you have done well!



Will be going
commons: allos
rares: dime/ spino
epics: sinos
legendary: utasino/ allosino


Im going velo, spino/kapra, sino, tryo/utahsino/indom

Depending on what i come across the only dinos i wont dart are allo and posto.

I feel tryo is alot of value as i take any chance to get to level mine when i dont need to spend dime… dime free tryo fuses are always nice. Same with indom… indo/erli fuses without spending rex or velo to get the indon dna

Share some of that tarbo please :innocent:

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Not enough Time to Catch all…

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Best. Week. Ever.

My game plan:

Common - All Raptor

Rares - Half Dimetrodon Some Utah some Kapro

Epics - All Sino

Legendary - some Spino Some Trystonix

Gonna level up Indoraptor :laughing:

Happy birthday to me lol 2-14 :grin: getting tryo to a 27 would be a nice gift to self!

What a week! Dart everything in sight! Incredible, thank you!!!

Next Week going to be amazing. I’m so confused I want all of them :yum:

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