Best week?

Would anyone else agree with me that this past week was one of the best ever? It was for me anyway. I welcomed Erlidominus to my team, juiced up Thor and lit a fire under my work towards Diloracherius.

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It was good but we’ve had much better

Best and at the same time worst ever was the infamous St. Patrick’s weekend last year


It’s only good if you’re able to dart anything.

And yes, I was about to say the same thing. St. Patricks was so dang good, but it made most of us in the lower areas encounter enemies we weren’t prepared for.

And @Arnold, you think we’ll have it again? I personally would like to actually dart Tuojiango for once.

Dunno, but I’d like to see Lord Lythro on April’s fool again, cause I want my revenge


Wouldn’t it be awesome to have another st patty’s day like last yr… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I want my revenge too. Last year, my creatures were just too weak. Now, I think I might have a chance. But maybe.

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