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BestJurassic alliance looking for active players

Our alliance, BestJurassic, looking for active players. Curently we complete rank 3 explorations and defense missions. No limit for level or trophies, we have members from level 5 to level 18 and growing :wink:

Can I join, my entire alliance are disappearing, it’s sad, I had to finish all mission myself this week and got explorations lvl 2 and lvl 1 for defense, the point is I’m super active.

You’re welcome!
My player number is #5999
You already joined, i think, If you are Prince7321, welcome to our alliance!

For now our alliance is full. I will post here when we have free places.

5 free places.

PS: We do not kick out members for few days of inactivity, but we’ll do that after more than 1-2 week for total inactivity (0 trophies)