Beta Tester Accounts


Does anyone know if Ludia wiped the accounts of beta testers when the game went live? Starting from day one the Leaderboard has been filled with max level players with max level epic and legendary dinosaurs. Even if you completed obsessed about this game 24/7 there is no way that in a week someone is level 19 with eight level 21 to level 24 elite and legendary dinos.

Be smart, wipe those accounts and make them start fresh along with the rest of us.


I’ve been playing since beta -play 2 hours a day on public transport.
I am only level 10
Max Dino is 1 level 17.

I think what you are seeing is Ludia bots - I have come up against Dino’s in the arena that are not even available to a normal player.


Oh ok. Thanks for the information that is interesting.


No absolutely not. This is completely not fair to the players that have invested dozens of hours and lots of money. I was not a beta but I completely disagree with this suggestion


My question would be why beta testers spent money. As for time. Who cares. That is what happens with beta testers. You get early access but reset at start. Imagine playing an MMO where beta testers got to keep their characters and play on the same servers as new players.


If it was not previously one of them at their accounts are going to be wiped then we cannot absolutely wipe accounts. It’s a total violation and it destroys hours of work


No the accounts should be wiped. Beta testers should be playing to look for flaws in the game. They should be making intentionally illogical attacks that should use bed dinos against each other that should Newport actresses, all of this should be done. For Flaws in the game. If another and a beta tester knows their account will not be cancelled then they are going to play to win and max level their character before open Play begins.

So allowing beta testers to keep their progress actually entices them to be less effective beta testers and is grossly unfair to everyone else who plays starting the day the game goes live.


I want a beta players input, a) did they get told they would have thier accounts wiped? B) Was it possible to spend money?
If either of these are so than we can’t. Not without a refund/being extremely unfair.
Yeah it sucks you didn’t get a head start (we would love that right?) But that is the reward for playing an early, empty and likely buggy game.


Beta tester here

The only thing that got wiped was your arena battles!
Ludia were more than happy to take our money- yes I spent real $$$
No there was no mention of having your account wiped.

If they did wipe accounts I would expect every cent to be refunded with interest!


Just because someone has been playing a game longer than you doesn’t make it unfair. It just means they saw the opportunity to test it so you were able to play it.
Beta testers have given up their time to provide feedback on this game so why should they be punished for it?


Thanks for the input guys. I think this effectively ends this discussion.