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I would like to suggest that you can make beta tester which can report bug directly in play store which can’t be seen by others. This way tester will find bugs before global versions and game will have less bugs. You can decide how many tester you want. I’ll be happy to join beta tester if you guys make this features.


If they do go through with this, @Marcus HIT ME UP I WANNA BE ON THIS!


Hey guys,

Very interesting and a great idea! I’ll bring this up to our Devs and see if this is something not too hard to set up.

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Hi there marcus can you please tell when the clans be available ??


I’m assuming they’d do an application process, that way they have a feel for how knowledgeable the testers are

I don’t think it’ll be hard to do it. Here are some details info about beta testing.


There’s glaring bugs they haven’t fixed since release. I dont think a beta test would matter. They know about the bugs already. They need to actually fix them.

Clans update, is supposed to be out in a couple weeks. This was said a week after hyping it up, by saying “clans are coming soon.” I don’t think 3 weeks is soon by anyone’s standard.

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Yesterday I asked ludia about clan.


A few months is the standard for “Coming Soon” for movies. As well as a lot of other things, including games.