Beta Velociraptor and Prionosuchus Spoiler?

0:28 in the International Dinosaur Day video, there was a baby raptor next to Blue.
In the Creature Tracker image, there is a glimpse of the mouth of a crocodilian, Prionosuchus probably. I know it’s small, but… no denying it.

I don’t think beta has a big chance since we don’t have baby creatures


Sadly… i wish Beta would come that would be cool

There is a chance it could come in 2.17

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Beta would be adorbs! I honestly don’t know how she would fit into the game, though. I could see the Atrociraptors being added. And we still do not have spinoceratops from Camp Cretaceous

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Oh yes! And Grebnedu…

Again we don’t have baby dinosaurs so unless we them as a new feature we probably don’t get beta

I don’t see them? I looked at the vid and idk what you mean