Better boost system

Just a thought but thoughts sometimes help make change.

Every Dino should have 10 boost “slots”, these slots can be filled with a spd, atk or health boost. Spd should be 2 giving a max spd increase of 20, atk should be 100 and health 200. This would prevent abuse, increase variety and IMHO take tge boost system from a widely criticized blight to a welcomed “spicing up”.

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Not a bad idea. It would need the matchmaking to be reworked though I think to accommodate the possibilities over different dinosaurs. Which would not be a bad thing.


This is how I thought it would work. It was the only sane way to. Now it’s just another artificial method to slow progress. You have to get your creatures to lvl 30 and 10/10/10 boosts, and all stats will remain the same as everyone else’s at the same boost levels.
No personalization at all, just different priorities for a common result.

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But what about those that live in zones where the populace of dinosaurs is very little? Does that mean everyone with dinos below level 30 get the short end of the stick?

I think you didn’t understand the post. Instead of having 10 levels of boosts for each attribute, you get 10 total, and distribute them where you think you need them. That’s customization, everyone will prioritize different stats.
Now it’s “Race to 30” + “Race to max boosts”, so instead of a system to customize your creatures, you have two different progress lines to grind. Yay.
Even worse, one of them is shared among your collection, permanent and slow. If the meta changes or a patch nerfs one of your team members, say goodbye to the progress you had made towards your goal and that you could’ve used on another member.

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Oh ok thanks for clearing up what was lost in translation