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Better chances for people to get epics who live in the country (rural areas)

You see I live in the country and I have only seen epics twice in the wild the rest were from scents and events but then I see these YouTube videos in the city where they just take a walk and they get a lot of epics I just think there should be better chances for epics to appear in the wild for players who live in the country I also only have 2 event supply drops and when there are epics it takes about 3 hours for them to spawn making it harder for me to get epics when if country players had better epic spawn I would have a bunch more epics I really hope you’ll consider giving better chances to country players. Also I think maybe country players should maybe have better spawns because people who live in the city can get Uber, go on a taxi or even a subway but country people have to work on the farms and stuff causing them not to be able to take strolls


I live in a very small country town and epics pop in my yard several times a day, a 15 minute drive prob see 4 epics or so

I can agree with this. And it would make sense from a ‘lore’ stand point, that you would see dinosaur herds in the much more open areas.

But yeah, during the last legendary event, i could not get some dinosaurs because of where i was in the middle of nowhere.