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Better matchmaking ideas. Current system is still not working

So as it sits now it seems I can’t even get an arena match. 4 whole days without battling one person. I want to suggest an idea that could possibly incorporate 1.6 Matchmaking with 1.7.
I think that matchmaking initially should be based off of trophy count. Then trophies awarded or lost can be based off of team strength/boost strength. And to take it one step further. The countdown timer can be set into tiers. First min will match between ppl in a 400 trophy range. Next min. will extend the range. And so on. I literally sat in queue for 1 hour last night and never matched anyone


Same boat as you man. Liked it at first because grinding free bot incus is nice, but only fun enough for so long. Miss real battling


I’m sorry but I am lucky if I even face one. Otherwise I face boosted indo, rinex, dc, thor, tryko to oblivion

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Sounds like a great idea. I have not had a match in 4 days now. Something has to be done to fix this issue.


Great idea idgt

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could be faster, not 1 min, but 15 seconds each: 200->400->800->1200 trophy range, total 60 seconds then AI.


I honestly was just throwing ideas out there. But I also want to think about the ppl that like to battle AI. That’s why the extended wait time. But yes it could be much shorter


As @Idgt902 stated above. The current matchmaking system is not ideal yet. Granted it is an improvement over the prior ones since the 1.7 update thus far- but its not there yet. There needs to be balance. The answer is not what it was prior to this in 1.7 (being able to be matched up with anyone in Aviary) either.

Those at the top of the leader board have not been able to match up with other players for 4 days now- even when waiting 5 minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hour. Bots are still a desirable option to have after 30 seconds for those who desire this and needs to stay as well- but to be able to be matched and obtain a battle should be an option as well.

There are more concerns for the entire player base with the current system. Those in the mid to lower tiers are generally not able to advance now because they are still being matched up with “even level” opponents based on the current algorithm of “trophies + team strength”.

@Idgt902 idea is well thought out because it incorporates Ludia’s desire to use a team strength element in the system (boosts or no boosts)- just only in the win/loss trophy distribution- not the matchmaking. So- if matchmaking occurs based on something similar to the “old” 1.6 system of trophy rank - this hopefully solves the issue. The higher ranked players will be able to be matched with their counterparts on the leader board within a certain reasonable range and the mid to lower ranked should be able to advance being matched to those around them and not players 1000-2000 trophies above them or below them. The use of “team strength” then comes into play in the computation of the trophies awarded/lost. (but NOT just 10 & 50 or 1 & 59- no need to revisit that.) So a stronger team will still have a slower time advancing- (thus still keeping the “droppers” at bay) but they will be able to advance.

Please consider this @Ludia_Developers @Jorge @Ren @J.C @Sara @Chris @Ned .

Thank You. @Idgt902


Same as @Idgt902 said. I didn’t get any opponent since the new matchmaking. NONE. Waited for like an hour sometimes and still nothing.
You know the way I think is, we see what’s the true cause and effect.

Cause : Boosts.

Giving you all developers keep fixing over and over to balance it.

Effect : Problems to both players and ludia.
We feel annoyed.
We can’t battle.
We feel unfair.
We play less -> less achievements
-> less motivation -> less purchases (whale like me maybe that’s Good for my wallet lol)
-> less fun -> ludia gets less income, reputation, success and jwa life span.

So ? One problem. Look at it and do something with it. Keep pushing it while you see no future won’t make you any short time profit worthy for the longer run and smoother and happier customers.

Pull this, redesign it as I mentioned in my thread, roll back, anything. But you won’t get any much further if being stubborn like this.


I’m hoping a solution is found as the dilemma seems to effect the top players more. On the AI subject and not wanting to create a separate thread or read through many, I am wondering is it 4500+ that the option is available for. I have a member of the alliance below 4500 and it was optional up until earlier today. Hoping to confirm :slightly_smiling_face:


As long as we don’t go back to the previous 1.7 matchmaking I agree. Trophy match making was fine really, just arena droppers who ruined it. Maybe just rotate arena exclusive dna to avoid droppers? I just battle bots lately which I don’t mind since it’s quick easy and efficient, also good for coins.


I’m currently ~ 4,800, down from > 5,200 before 1.7. I was as low as 4,400 but am slowly advancing again. However, something is seriously wrong when I lose 30 trophies to someone who has 450 more… it should be fewer.

I have no problem getting matches but something is off. After one of my last battles the game placed me on the leaderboard (which really starts 400 trophies above my current location) and I’ve only been matched with ranked players since then although this was clearly a glitch.

The current mm and trophy algorithm is an improvement over the 10/50 disaster but still not right. Please consider the suggestions from OP and others.

P S. I wouldn’t mind battling ranked players who should be able to get matched with humans if they choose but losses shouldn’t cost me so many trophies!


Atleast u get games at all lol

I usually do although sometimes I wish we could choose a bot from the start. In general I prefer PVP though.

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It would be Nice two kind of matchmarking, one you can choose only battle with IA (for incubators) and the other only PVP

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I can see why being matched by way of team strength alone would make it so nobody really moves up or down in trophy’s if everyone has an overall 50% win/loose rate. Adding trophy’s into this equation doesn’t help the matter. I am hanging at and just above 4000 and am just not getting anywhere.

It use to be that I would level a few dino’s and I would move up accordingly. Now I level and boost dino’s and I’m matched with equal players and don’t move at all. The matching is working as far as fairness but we would need a good sample of players to find if anyone is really moving anywhere.

My 2nd account in arena 4 is moving only because I play a bot after 2 losses so my win to loose ration is 66%/33% but I am being matched to teams that are always 1-2 levels on average higer than mine. I went up 800 trophy’s only increasing my team level 1 from 10’s to 11’s.

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I still dont really understand why Ludia switched to the all team based match making… seems like a knee jerk reaction to trophy droppers from alliance rush then anything.

While this way may combat arena droppers i felt the old system with clash royales modifications to ladder would have been better. For those that dont know clash royales answer to arena droppers was an algorithm then matched them together. So if both player a and b dropped from avairy to lockdown to farm easy incs… match making would match them based on their previous highs.

I think half the issue is the top players get matched against the same people they already knocked down the ladder and those people cant climb back up the ladder because match making wants to keep putting them right back up against what just knocked them down.

Meanwhile my avg lvl 22 team sits around 5k… fighting none of these teams that should be pushing me back down the ladder…

Some kind of reset is needed… almost like a season reset… and a free for all week in avairy to let trophies settle some.


I think we need a seasonal tournament with the trophy reset that accompanies it. It would allow high ranked players get battles as well.

It would help in the meantime while they reconsider the mm/trophy algorithm (I hope).


Exactly ! We definitely need something fixed and done in the arena to make it more enjoyable and less time spent battling AI if the matches could be available ! :+1:

DinoLord out!


I had dropped to the 140’s and I was getting some matches but since climbing back to 40th I have had 5 matches in the last 3 days. 4 of them were with the same person. So it seems the pairing system is incredibly narrow. In fact, after 2 days of battling non stop bots when I was actually paired with a human, it made me nervous, I almost forgot how to battle intelligent life.