Better Move Names

We all know that move names in JWA often don’t make a lot of sense. Maybe they leave out crucial information about the move’s effects. Maybe they have a random “flavor” name that does nothing to indicate what the move actually does. Or maybe their name falsely makes you think they have an effect that they actually don’t. Whatever the reason, Ludia can and should do better, giving move’s names that have clear and consistent meanings, so that we all can have an easier understanding of what each move actually does. This post will go over almost every move and move category that lacks clarity and/or cohesion, and my suggestions for how to fix them.

Buckle up, this is going to be a LONG one.

Since not every error is created equal, I’ve broken the moves up into three categories based on the variety and severity of the confusion caused.

Category 1 move names are those that are entirely correct and generally clear, but may make a small confusing mistake like failing to follow an existing move convention. An example would be Group Defense Shattering Strike being the only Group Shattering attack that includes the word “defense” in the name. Moves in this category don’t need to have their names changed, but nonetheless would benefit from minor tweaks. This also includes attacks that are essentially identical to another move (like alert swap in stun and stunning alert), in which case I reccomend synonymizing the attacks, leaving only one attack behind.

Category 2 moves are those that who’s names are technically correct, but still less than helpful. Sometimes the name leaves out critical information about the move, like Piercing Revenge not mentioning rending or swap prevention. Other times the move has what I like to call a “flavor name”, where it just has a cool sounding name that does little to inform you about what the move actually does. Killer Instinct is a great example of this: cool name, but it doesn’t remotely tell you what the move actually does. Sometimes these “flavor names” unnecessarily limit what dinos could recieve this move. For example, while Side Flap is functionally a Taunting Sidestep, the “flap” part means you would never give it to any dino that didn’t have wings, so the more generic “Taunting Sidestep” is more inclusive. I’ll usually highlight cases where another name could easily represent a move’s effects, like “Instant Shattering Impact” instead of “Killer Instinct”. That said, “flavor names” can sometimes be helpful, particularly in cases where moves have a lot of effects. It’s much easier to say “cautious strike” than “Precise Evasive Speedup Distracting Strike”. So I do think flavor names are fine as long as the moves effects cannot be reasonably explained otherwise, and the flavor name itself remains consistent in what it represents (as not all of them do this). In general, Category 2 moves would greatly benefit from receiving new names, but at least aren’t being actively harmful, like the last Category of moves…

Category 3 names are those that are actively unhelpful, usually by taking a word associated with a different effect and applying it incorrectly to this move. Think Cautious Cunning Rampage having nothing to do with all other Cautious attacks. These moves are the highest priority for fixing, and should be changed ASAP.

There were a few general naming conventions I followed when deciding which moves need renaming.

  1. If a move has a non-generic trigger (Swap In, On Escape, Counter) or non-generic effect under different circumstances (Revenge, Alert), the name MUST reflect that. Swap In and On Escape moves must have either “Swap In” or “On Escape” near the beginning of the name. Counters must have “Counter” near the end of the name. Revenge moves and Alerts must have either “Revenge” or “Alert” at the start of the move name.
  2. If a move has priority, and priority is NOT a standard effect associated with the name (usually a flavor name; e.g. Sidestep always has priority), then "Instant: must be included near the start of the name.
  3. If a move inflicts damage, it must say so at the end of the name with how much damage is inflicted (e.g. Strike = 1x attack power, Rampage = 2x attack power, etc.). I found that it became neccesary to designate a name for attacks that do 0.5x and 0.25x damage (like how Strike is 1x, Impact is 2x, etc.). I decided on Hit for 0.5x and Blow for 0.25x for the purposes of this post, but they could be anything: the point is that they should exist.

With that, let’s get into the moves. I’ll be going by move varieties when possible, but this might kind of jump all over the place, since that’s just the nature of the moves Ludia creates.


Group Acceleration

Category 2
The name gives no indication of the move’s priority, or that it does damage. Instant Group Accelerating Strike is probably better.

Minimal Speedup Strike

Category 1
Given that speed increase is usually referred to as “acceleration” I thought that name could be applied here for consistency, so it would be Minimal/Minor Accelerating Strike

Alerts are weird. Since they have two sets of effects in two different states, Flavor Names are often neccesary to describe their effects. However, some Alerts can be made more clear, and the standard convention of having “Alert” at the start of the move name should be enforced.

Alert Counter Distraction

Category 1
The name is mostly fine, but for consistency, should be called Alert Distracting Counter.

Alert Deception

Category 2
This flavor name says nothing about damage increase (Ferocity), so Alert Ferocity is a better name. Since it only applies a small damage increase, perhaps Alert Minor Ferocity?

Alert Decoy

Category 2
This move is far too unique to have anything but a “Flavor Name”. That said, the name can still say how much damage the move does, so Alert Decoy Rampage may be better.

Alert Nullification

Category 2
This name says nothing about the distraction this move inflicts. Alert Distracting Nullification would be better.

Alert Roost

Category 2
Another nondescriptive flavor name that only makes sense on select dinos, and could be better. Something like Alert Critical Evasion would be better, in my opinion.

Alert Swap In Stun and Stunning Alert

Category 1
These moves are practically identical, if not for Stunning Alert having a 0.4% higher chance to stun. Thats really nothing though, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the code was identical. This should be synonymizing as Alert Swap In Stun, which also has the more consistent name.

Alert Swarm

Category 2
Something like Alert On Escape Lockdown actually describes the effects of this move.

Courageous Alert

Category 1
The main problems with this move are not indicating how much damage is done, not indicating that the move has priority, and not following the “Alert First” naming convention. A better name would be Alert Instant Courageous Strike.

Fearless Alert

Category 1
This one doesn’t follow the “Alert First” naming convention, but other than that it’s fine. Alert Fearless Flap would be better.

Pesky Alert

This move doesn’t follow the “Alert First” naming convention, has no mention of activating on escape, and on top of that “Pesky” isn’t very descriptive. Alert On Escape Cloak would be a better name.

Protective Alert

Category 3
This is a weird one. The main problem here is that protection in JWA usually refers to a shield, which this move does not apply. The name doesn’t really invoke distraction or vulnerability. With these, a cleanse, and a rend, this name would benefit from an all-encompassing Flavor Name (“Alert Cleansing Distracting Vulnerability” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue), just not Protective Alert. Let me know if you all have a suggestion!

Slippery Alert

Category 1
The only “problem” with this one is not following the “Alert First” naming convention, but “Alert Slippery” just doesn’t sound good :joy:. Maybe some other more generally applicable flavor name would be better. Alert Deception might honestly be a better name for this move instead of the actual Alert Deception :sweat_smile:.

Ambush and Camouflage

These moves generally have the same set of effects, with the only difference between that Ambush also applies a crit buff. Now they could just call Ambush attacks “Critical Camouflage”, but I think Ambush sounds pretty cool. So if the move applies a crit buff, it’s an Ambush, and if not, it’s a Camouflage.

Instant Ambush

Category 1
This name is clear, correct, and comprehensive, but since Camouflage also has priority but doesn’t say “Instant Camouflage”, the “Instant” here is redundant. Ambush would be just fine.

Critical Ambush

Category 1
As established, all “Ambush” attacks apply a crit buff, so the “Critical” here is unnecessary. I would call it Swap In Ambush instead to represent when the move is activated.

Camouflage On Escape

Category 2
Once again, the difference between Ambush and Camouflage is that Ambush applies a crit increase… which this “Camouflage” move does. It should be changed to On Escape Ambush.

Defensive Swap In

Category 3
This is the worst offender of all the Camouflage/Ambush moves. “Defense” traditionally refers to shields, which this move does not apply, so it’s actively confusing. Instead, this move is just a Camouflage that activates on a swap in, so it should be called Swap In Camouflage.

Cautious Cunning Rampage

Category 3
This is probably the move that inspired me to make this post in the first place. The move has nothing to do with the other Cautious attacks, but DOES have priority. Therefore, Instant Cunning Rampage is a much better name. As a side note, the moves description does not say the move reduces crit chance by 100%, even though the move does apply this effect in game (which one would reasonably expect from a cunning attack).

Critical Attacks
The one thing I wish they did with Critical Attacks across the board is to differentiate between ones that boost your crit chance and once that give you a guaranteed Critical Hit. Guaranteed Critical hits could possibly be given a different moniker like “Lucky Strike/Impact/Rampage” or “Fortunate Strike/Impact/Rampage”. Other moves that buff crit chance for X turns can keep the “Critical”.


Category 2
Cool name, but it doesn’t tell you what it does at all. On Escape Critical Strike is much more descriptive. Since this is a guaranteed Critical Hit, On Escape Lucky Strike would work if that change was implemented.

Extended Critical Strike

Category 1
No other move uses the word “extended” in the name, and it doesn’t even boost crit chance for a particularly extended period of time - only 2 turns. It does boost your crit chance by quite a bit though, so maybe Greater Critical Strike would be better?

The main issue I have with counters is that it’s impossible to tell from the name alone whether or not the move does any damage, like how “nullifying counter” does no damage, but “medium nullifying counter” does. I would fix this by appending whatever attack name (strike, Impact, etc.) applies to that counter, leaving it blank if it does no damage or does rending damage. This is partly why I invented the terms “Hit” for 0.5x moves and “Blow” for 0.25x moves.

I’ll just run through a quick list of moves affected by this change:
Armor Piercing Counter → (Armor) Piercing Counter Strike - I left “Armor” in parentheses because it could be removed to make the name less of a mouthful, sp the name either would or would not include the word “Armor” in it, being either "Armor Piercing Counter Strike " or just “Piercing Counter Strike”.
Counter Vulnerability → Vulnerability Counter Strike
Decelerating Counter → Decelerating Counter Strike
Defense Shattering Counter → (Defense) Shattering Counter Strike
Maximal Counter-Attack → Counter Strike
Medium Counter-Attack → Counter Hit
Medium Nullifying Counter → ** Nullifying Counter Hit**
Medium Resilient Counter-Attack → Resilient Counter Hit
Minor Counter Attack → Counter Blow
Precise Piercing Counter → Precise Piercing Counter Strike
Precise Shattering Counter → Precise Shattering Counter Strike

And here are some other counters that could benefit from changes:

Exposing Counter

Category 1
Doesn’t imply vulnerable, so Vulnerability Counter would be a better name.

Raking Counter Attack

Category 2
The name doesn’t reference the armor piercing ability of this move compared to other Raking attacks. So Raking Piercing Counter Strike is a more descriptive name.

Venomous Counter

Category 2
A more desirable name would be Distracting Lockdown Counter.

Defense Shattering Moves

Roar and Group Defense Shattering Strike

Category 1
Like I said in the intro, Group Defense Shattering Strike is the only Group Shattering Attack with “Defense” added. This seems unnecessary, so I would change it to just Group Shattering Strike. Also, notice that these moves have the exact same effects. They should either be synonymized as Group Shattering Strike, or Roar should be given a slightly different set of effects to differentiate it. As a bonus, these are the only two Group shattering attacks that don’t remove Taunt, which all Defense Shattering moves should.

Killer Instinct

Category 2
I also covered this one in my intro. It should just be Instant Shattering Impact.

Lethal Rampage and Run

Category 2
This name doesn’t mention the Defense Shattering ability of this move, but at least the icon does a good job of that. Still, Lethal Shattering Rampage and Run would be a more complete name for this move.


Category 2
My biggest problem with this move is that it says nothing about bypassing dodge or Taunting. There could easily be other 3x damage moves with different effects at some point down the line. So Precise Taunting Devastation leaves room for these moves to exist.

Distracting Moves

Category 2
I’ve always found that the move “Distraction” has a confusing name. Since it’s a strike that applies distraction, you could call it “Distracting Strike”, but that’s a different move (which happens to share the same icon). So given that it applies distraction for only one turn instead of two, I would call it Short Distracting Strike (or change Distracting Strike to Long Distracting Strike). An icon change would help too, changing the current Distracting Strike to an all-red icon like Distracting Impact, leaving the current Distraction with the white icon.

High Pounce and Precise Pounce

Category 2
Yes this move has been with us since the beginning and we all know what it does, but it’s still a remarkably nondescriptive name. With Distraction becoming Short Distracting Strike, this leaves the door open for Pounce to become Short Distracting Rampage and Precise Pounce to be Precise Short Distracting Rampage. Again, an icon change would be greatly helpful, giving Distracting Rampage an all-red icon, and giving the Pounce moves the white icon with the red distraction symbol in the corner instead of the normal Rampage icon.

Debilitating Distraction

Category 2
The word “Debilitating” is only used in this move, so it doesn’t really mean anything. It also doesn’t say how much damage this move does. This move is effectively just Distracting Strike that causes 75% distraction, so Greater Distracting Strike describes this move much better.

Instant Distraction, Group Distraction, and Group Instant Distraction

Category 2
Since “Instant” only means the move has priority, there clearly needs to be another way to distinguish which of these moves do 50% damage reduction and which do 100%. One way would be to describe 100% damage reduction as something like “acute distraction” (like “acute stun”). So Instant Distraction would be Instant Acute Distraction, Group Instant Distraction would be Instant Group Acute Distraction, and Group Distraction would be Instant Group Distraction. The other option would be to give 100% damage reduction an entirely different name (similar to how 100% shields is called Invincibility). My idea for this could be something like “Diversion” (keeping that “di” alliteration). So in this case, Instant Distraction would be Instant Diversion, Group Instant Distraction would be Instant Group Diversion, and Group Distraction would be Instant Group Distraction. This also means that a single target Instant Distraction doing 50% distraction could be made. And other moves that currently do 100% damage reduction would be renamed too (Swap In Distraction → Swap In Diversion).

Restricted Group Distraction and Instant Group Distraction Impact

Category 2
This is one that Ludia actually DID change, at least for Skoona when they upgraded the move to have priority. Unfortunately they never changed the original Restricted Distraction when they did this, even though these moves have identical effects besides the priority, delay, and cooldowns. Restricted Group Distraction doesn’t include how much damage the move does, so Group Distracting Impact would be a better name. And to match, Instant Group Distraction Impact can be changed to Instant Group Distracting Impact. Yes I know the cooldown on Restricted Group Distraction is less than the normal group distraction. And to that I say that didn’t stop Cleansing Decelerating Impact from having the same naming convention as Decelerating Impact, and why not give the normal Distracting Strike/Impact/Rampage 1 turn cooldowns if Decelerating Impact/Rampage AND Defense Shattering Impact/Rampage have 1 turn cooldowns? At the very least, get the “Impact” in the name somewhere!

Delayed Revenge Distracting Rampage

Category 3
If you didn’t know, the standard Revenge effect for Rampage moves is to remove the 1 turn delay (except for the vanilla Revenge Rampage, which instead removes the cooldown). This is what Revenge Shattering Rampage, Revenge Definite Rampage, Revenge Cunning Rampage, and Revenge Nullifying Rampage all do, and Delayed Revenge Distracting Rampage works exactly the same. The difference is that Delayed Revenge Distracting Rampage is the only one with “Delayed” in the name, implying that the move has an extra delay or maybe removes the cooldown instead, neither of which are true. So please remove the “Delay” from the name, Revenge Distracting Rampage is fine! See, I don’t just make move names longer :sweat_smile:

Evasive Stance

Category 1
This isn’t a terribly confusing name, though it would be nice to include “Instant” in the name. With only one effect, it wouldn’t make sense to define “Evasive Stance” as a standard set of effects like Sidestep or Dig In. So Instant Evasive Stance or Instant Evasion could be used to consistently use “Instant” in the names of most priority moves (unless priority is defined as a consistent property of moves with a certain name).

Fearless Flap and Fearless Alert

Category 2
My main problem with these moves is the name doesn’t indicate they do damage. I still forget that sometimes! So appending “Strike” would help. This makes Fearless Flap Fearless Strike, and Fearless Alert would be Alert Rallying Fearless Strike.

These names all need a bit of standardization. We can define the standard Ferocity as increasing damage by 50% for three turns, and go from there in naming other Ferocious attacks. Moves that do damage will be called “Ferocious Strike/Impact/Rampage”, and those that don’t will just have the move name end in “Ferocity”. Note that Ferocity purely refers to the damage boost: cleansing and other effects (e.g. critical chance increases) don’t count!

This means that Ferocious Strike, Ferocious Impact, Ferocious Shields, and Revenge Instant Ferocity all check out.

Persistent Ferocious Strike

Category 2
Lasting only two turns, this move could be called ** Short Ferocious Strike**.

Group Ferocity Strike

Category 1
Again this move only lasts two turns, so it would be Group Short Ferocious Strike. Why it has a 3 turn cooldown when PFS can be used every turn is beyond me.

Swap In Ferocity

Category 1
Thus move also lasts only two turns, so Swap In Short Ferocity would describe it well. That said, given that there’s no other swap in moves that only apply Ferocity, Swap In Ferocity should be fine until they add another Swap in Ferocity attack.

Group Ferocity, Group Takedown, and Ready to Crush

As hinted at before, since Group Ferocity has cleansing and a crit increase effect, it cannot be called “Ferocity”. These three moves perplex me, because they’re SO similar, and yet just different enough. Group Ferocity Cleanses damage and crit reduction (but only buffs damage), while Group Takedown only cleanses damage reduction. I feel like there must be some way to synonymize these moves. It could be a move that only cleanses damage reduction, but in turn increases damage by 50% for two turns. That might make Irritator even stronger though. Or the buff could still only last one turn, but this would be a nerf to Dsungaia. And I’m not even sure what to do with Ready to Crush in relation to these, with it cleansing both damage and crit reduction while buffing both of these stats. My best idea is to give Group Ferocity 30% crit chance increase for two turns like Ready to Crush, and giving Group Takedown this ability as well (along with crit decrease cleansing) but only for one turn. Ready to Crush as the standard for these moves would be Group Takedown, Group Ferocity would become *Instant Group Takedown, and Group Takedown would now be Instant Short Group Takedown or Delayed Instant Group Takedown.

Let me know what you guys think. All I know is that Group Ferocity needs a different name.

On Escape Dust Cloud

Category 2
On Escape Ferocious Invincibility describes the effects better. The number of turns is weird, but it’s not a huge deal.

Another class of moves in desperate need of standardization. All healing moves should follow this naming scheme:

Priority: Yes (“Instant”) or No (nothing)
Strength: 1x attack (“Lesser”), 1.5x attack power (nothing) or 2x attack (“Greater”). Note that this means Rally healing based on your max HP does NOT count as a heal.
Target: Self (nothing), Group (“Group”) or Teammate with Lowest HP (“Emergency”). Note that emergency also implies priority, so “Instant” is unnecessary in these cases.
Followed by “heal”. If the move also does damage, it would be healing strike/impact/rampage depending on the damage done. Additionally, the heal MUST also include a full cleanse to be called a heal.


Category 2
Does 1.5x attack to self with priority, so Instant Heal should be the correct name.

Group Heal

Does 1.5x attack to team without priority, so this name is correct.

Emergency Group Heal

Category 3
Does 1.5x attack to team with priority, so the proper name should be Instant Group Heal. “Emergency” implies it has a single target, but it actually targets the whole team.

Lesser Group Heal

Does 1x attack to team without priority, so this name is correct.

Emergency Heal

Does 1.5x attack to lowest HP teammate with priority, so this name is correct.

Lesser Emergency Heal

Does 1x attack to lowest HP teammate with priority, so this name is correct.

Greater Emergency Heal

Does 2x attack to lowest HP teammate with priority, so this name is correct.

Swap in Heal

Category 3
Does 1x attack to self on swap in, so it should be Swap In Lesser Heal.

Minor Heal On Escape

Category 1
To follow naming conventions, this one should be called On Escape Lesser Heal


This move heals 1x attack to the self without priority, so “lesser heal” is the right healing name for it. Since it also gives a speed increase, something like Accelerating Lesser Heal would work. This at least reminds you by how much it heals.

Constricting Rampage

Category 2
This move heals the user for 1x attack on Escape, and inflicts 2x damage, so “On Escape Lesser Healing Rampage” is what the move should be called… if not for the fact that it doesn’t cleanse. Now Ludia could add a cleanse to this move and use On Escape Lesser Healing Rampage as the move name, and for all I know the cleanse just isn’t in the move description. But if it really doesn’t cleanse, a new name for healing moves that don’t cleanse could be created, maybe something like “Mend/Mending” which otherwise follows the same conventions as healing moves. In that case, this move would be On Escape Lesser Mending Rampage.

Adrenaline Pulse

Category 2
This is another healing move that draws on attack power but does not cleanse. It’s also only found on Postosuchus. I reccomend that cleansing be added to this move, making it do 1x attack to self with priority, aka Instant Lesser Heal. Or it could just be replaced with “Instant Heal” (aka Heal). But if they implemented the “mending” name that I discussed with Constricting Rampage, it could be Instant Lesser Mend.

Counter Power Heal

Category 3
Since this move heals based on the user’s HP, it’s not actually a “heal”, it’s a “rally”. As such, I would name it Rallying Counter, or maybe Minor/lesser Rallying Counter since it only heals about 10% of the user’s max HP.

With Rally being established as its own term, that opens the door for other move renamings. Alert scurry could be Alert Rallying Distracting Rampage. Alert the Flock could be *Alert Swap In Evasive Rally, and Alert On Escape Evasion could be Alert On Escape Evasive Rally. And Protective Alert could be something like Alert Vulnerability Distracting Rally, although that one may still be better with a Flavor Name.

Predatory Peck

Category 2
This moves only fault is not saying how much damage it does (1x). So a simple change to Predatory Strike makes this clear.

Prowl and Deliberate Prowl

My main gripe here is that in all other cases, “Instant” is used to differentiate the priority and non-priority versions of moves. So I would rather they call Prowl Instant Prowl and Deliberate Prowl just Prowl. Or if they’re feeling spicy, they could use Cleansing Critical Evasion and Instant Cleansing Critical Evasion instead.

Quill Attacks

Category 3
These are cases where the quills are directly based on the source material, so I don’t neccesarily want to change the names too much. At the very least, Lethal Quill Shot and Toxic quills should switch names, since currently toxic quills is inflicting 33.4% DoT for three turns, like lethal wound. Toxic also lines up more with the distraction inflicted by Lethal Quill Shot. But if they want complete transparency, all of these moves could be given different names. Quill Impact could be (Greater) Stunning Distracting Impact, Lethal Quill Shot could be Distracting Wounding Impact, and Toxic Quills could be (Greater) Stunning Wounding Impact.

Raking Attacks

Raking Claws

Category 2
This is a pretty simple one. The current name doesn’t indicate how much damage is done, so changing the name to Raking Rampage fixes this.

Ravenous Rampage

Category 2
This one is just Raking Claws (Rampage) with priority, so it should be Instant Raking Rampage.

Rending Moves
These moves are actually mostly fine. One place Ludia could save words is by changing all "Rending attack"s to just “rend” (so minor Rending attack → minor rend, Rending attack → Rend, Defensive rending attack-> Defensive rend). The biggest difference could be Rendinf Takedown to Greater Rend. But Ludia doesn’t have to do this.The main distinction that needs to be made is between rending moves that break shields and bypass armor and those that don’t. Since more rending moves break shields than not, most rending moves keeping the “rending” name is easiest, with other moves using the “Savagery” from Dracorex G2, Dracoceratops and Dracoceratosaurus. Nonetheless, one change must be made…

Alert Rending Lockdown

Category 3
To show that this move doesn’t break shields or bypass armor, it’s name should be changed to Alert Swap In Lockdown Savagery

Piercing Revenge

Category 3
This move is the poster child of “so vague, it’s actively harmful”. The Piercing moniker denotes moves that pierce armor, which this move does do. But it never refers to moves that also break shields outside of this instance. The name also doesn’t mention the two most important effects of the move: rending damage and swap prevention. So a name like Revenge Lockdown Rend/Rending Attack is much more appropriate here.

Instant Rumble and Group Warning Squeal

Category 2
As far as I can tell, the only difference between these moves is that one has a damage boost. That, and Group Warning Squeal of course targets the whole group. So why are the names so different? And why is “Warning Squeal” such a bad name?

We can actually improve these names by using Flavor Names to our advantage. “Rumble” can be the base name; since it’s a Flavor Name, we can define having priority as one of the move effects like with Sidestep, so “Instant” is unnecessarily. That means “Instant Rumble” is just Rumble. Since Group Warning Squeal is just a Rumble that affects the whole team and applies a damage boost, the name can be Group Ferocious Rumble.

Shield Advantage and Definite Shield Advantage

Category 2
Shielding attacks in general have so much overlap and so many redundancies that they would require their own post. But I can discuss Shield Advantage here. My main issue with these moves is they don’t say how much damage is done, which is important because Shield Advantage does 1x damage while Definite Shield Advantage does 2x. So one option is to rename them Shield Advantage Strike and Definite Shield Advantage Rampage. If you want to go further, you can rename the shield advantage effect itself, so shield advantage could be Shattering Shielding Strike and Definite Shield Advantage would be Definite Shielding Rampage. Those actually have quite a nice ring to them.


Side Flap

Category 2
Since this is just Sidestep with a taunt, Taunting Sidestep would be a more appropriate name.

Instant Buff

Category 2
This technically isn’t a Sidestep, but it’s SOOO close to being one. It only has a bit less chance to dodge, has a cooldown, and applies a damage boost in addition to the base Sidestep effect. It could almost be called “Ferocious Sidestep” if that were the case, but unfortunately it isn’t. So I’m honestly not sure what to do with this move. I don’t want to leave it as “Instant Buff”, because then it gets confused with Alert Buff and Strike, and “buff” isn’t very descriptive. Ironically, this could be a good place for the moniker “Restricted”, since Restricted Ferocious Sidestep is pretty much what this move is.

Slowing Impact and Decelerating Attacks

Category 1
This is the only Decelerating attack that I have any issue with, and it’s a pretty minor one. Since it’s a decelerating impact that lasts an extra turn, Long Decelerating Impact fits it well.

However, there is another way Ludia could take this, and I actually like it a bit better. “Decelerating” is five syllables, while “slowing” is only two. So instead, Ludia could replace all cases of “Decelerating” with “Slowing”, making Slowing Impact Long Slowing Impact. So Decelerating Strike/Impact/Rampage become Slowing Strike/Impact/Rampage. Rolls off the tongue much better, right?

Super Distraction

Category 2
My main gripe with this move is that it does so much more than just distraction. I guess “super” kind of implies that, but it could be better. That said, it would be a mouthful to describe the dodge removal, stun, DoT, and Distraction in a single move, so I would use another Flavor Name instead. With “Venomous” no longer applying to “Venomous Counter” I think it would apply well here. It could be as simple as (Instant) Venomous Strike. They could even have it use the spitting animation from Dilophosaurus, if it doesn’t already. Plus, removing dodge, Stunning your enemy, Distracting them, and inflicting damage over time a seem like things that the Venomous spit would do.

Stunning Attacks
With Stunning attacks, the first thing I would do is remove the “Greater” from “Greater Stunning Strike/Impact”. Stun values used to be standardized, but now they’re all over the board, so I’m not sure that it matters, and it makes the moves easier to say. So Greater Stunning Strike → Stunning Strike, for example. Now, on to the other moves…

Instant Charge

Category 2
Another old favorite, this move is still just a priority (Greater) Stunning Strike. So why not call it that? Instant Stunning Strike is a much better name in my book.

Swap in Stunning Strike and Swap In Headbutt

Category 2
These move names leave off the armor piercing damage inflicted by these moves. Now one potential solution is to remove the armor piercing effect itself. Or, Ludia can keep the effect but rename these moves Swap In Stunning Piercing Strike And Swap In Stunning Piercing Hit. If they removed the piercing effect, they would be Swap in Stunning Strike and Swap In Stunning Hit respectively.

Swap Prevention
Category 1
These moves suffer from a lack of consistency. At various times, the swap prevention effect goes under moves with the name pinning, binding, lockdown, Obstruction, and others. For clarity, I think only one name should be applied, and with “Lockdown” perhaps being the most common and best-sounding name, that may be the best option. This means…
Pinning Strike → Lockdown Strike
Binding Impact → Lockdown Impact
No Escape → ** On Escape Lockdown**
Alert Swarm → Alert On Escape Lockdown (as previously discussed)
Alert Rending Lockdown → Alert Lockdown Savagery (as previously discussed)
Piercing Revenge → Revenge Lockdown Rending Attack (as previously discussed)

A few others as well:


Category 2
Instant Stunning Lockdown describes the effects more directly.

Stunning Obstruction

Category 2
The name doesn’t say that the move does damage, so On Escape Lockdown Stunning Strike is better.

Obstruction to Flight

With so many effects, this move basically has to have a flavor name. If you combine all the effects under the “Obstruction” moniker, you could call it On Escape Obstruction.

Vulnerability Moves

Expose Weak Spot

Category 2
Yet another flavor name that says nothing about Vulnerability or how much damage the move does. Long Vulnerability Strike solves both of these problems.

Intimidating Impact

Category 2
Hooray, another flavor name! This one is literally a Defense Shattering Impact that also inflicts Vulnerability, so something like Shattering Vulnerability Impact would be better. Also opens the door for Shattering Vulnerability Strike/Rampage down the line.

Taunting Vulnerability

Category 2
To show how much damage the move does, the name should be changed to Taunting Vulnerability Strike.

Wounding Attacks
Category 2
This is another class of moves in serious need of standardization. The move names need to indicate three things:

  1. What % the wound does
  2. The duration of the wound
  3. If the attack does any damage besides the DoT, and if so how much.

However, the moves effects are so disorganized now that it’s impractical to apply these rules. As such, I will only be applying rule 3 today. But in the future, having standard names associated with different DoT percentages would be extremely helpful.

Gashing Wound

Since it does 1x attack power, it should be Gashing Wounding Strike.

Lethal Wound

Again does 1x damage, so again it should be Lethal Wounding Strike

Maiming Wound

Maiming Wounding Strike, for the same reason.

Minor Swoop, Cleansing Swoop, and Lethal Swoop

I propose that all Swoops should be renamed as “Wound and Run”. This puts them in line with other automatic swap attacks, and means that creatures who lack the wings to Swoop (like Spinotahsuchus) can have these moves. So Minor Swoop becomes Wound and Run, Lethal Swoop becomes Lethal Wound and Run, and Cleansing Swoop becomes Cleansing Wound and Run.

Fabled Fangs

Category 2
Given that this move does 40% DoT like Maiming Wound, an appropriate name may be Instant Precise Maiming Wounding Impact. That is pretty long though, so maybe just Instant Precise Wounding Impact would be better. Just get the “Instant” and “Impact” in there somewhere!

Well, that should be enough for one day. I’ll get to shields later, they really are a mess. And raid boss moves are on a whole different level of inconsistency and random unhelpful names. But for now, I hope I’ve demonstrated just how inconsistent and confusing Luidas names can often be. Will they fix these? Probably not, if I had to guess. But it would be nice if they did, at least for the Category 3s. It would make playing the game a whole lot better.


Very good Mudkipz!


Lol thanks, it took long enough :sweat_smile:


I generally agree with these changes.

Adding on, “group” attacks are a mixed bag when the targeting is unclear from the name. Some group moves target all opponents, others target own team.


Thats a great point. They could split them into “target all opponents”, “target all team” and “target both” (which they’ve used “primal” for before).


Why are you ignore the two little cute cooldown? You evil! You make them cry so much lmao

Yeah i read the whole post, very brain-using and clear! But like you shouldn’t say everything in the name!
like Killer Instinct changed to Instant Shattering Impact, it’s not actually Instant Shattering Impact, a too much clear name would just make player use their brain lesser and lesser, sorry if my word sound bad! But a little confuse name can make player use more of their brain to actually remember how the Move works, that’s a way to training their brain, some exception like LRAR, Pierce revenge, or CCR etc should change! I agree with that! But the other? This is a Strategic game, if you don’t want to say “War”! and this require IQ, brain-using, I just say what i think of… Thanks for read and understanding.

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Why is it not? “Instant” only means a move has priority, it has nothing to do with the delay or cooldown. For example, Instant Charge also has a 1 turn delay and two turn cooldown, but it’s still “Instant” because of priority. “Instant” cannot mean that a move both has priority AND that it doesn’t have a delay, not unless these two properties are ALWAYS found together. That’s kind of the whole point of the post: words used in move names should always be tied to a specific move property, not just what sounds good in normal language. I only removed “Instant” on Ambush because having priority can be a standard effect of Ambush moves (just like on Camouflage, Sidestep, Dig In, etc.), although you’ve reminded me that the cooldown on Ambush is another good reason to distinguish between it and Camouflage… just consistently.


The thing is, there’s so many moves that it’s very difficult to do this, especially with how complicated moves are getting, especially for moves with contradictory names. You only have 20 seconds to check your moves, check your opponents moves to see what they can use and are most likely to use, understand what each of these moves does, and finally check your move choice against the opponents resistances. We should be saving time any way we can. We want JWA to be challenging, but the challenge should be in using your abilities to out-strategize your opponent, not in figuring out what those abilities are in the first place. I don’t want to win matches just because my opponent forgot what a move does.


Instant does not mean no delay or something, it mean priority plus more cooldown, Instant Rampage or Instant Ambush for example

well that difficult is what I’m talking about train your brain :wink:

You’re putting the challenge in the wrong place though. You shouldn’t be beating your opponent in knowing what a move does, but in how you use them. If Ludia wanted that to be the hard part, they wouldn’t give moves names at all.


Instant Buff has a cooldown of 1. Instant Rumble has a cooldown of 3. There’s no consistency there, it just happens to be that most priority moves have a cooldown, but I don’t think that’s a good enough reason to have that matter. If “Instant” moves can have a cooldown of 1, 2, or 3 then I don’t see why having a cooldown of 0 should be any different. And Ludia seems to agree: Instant Nullifying Strike doesn’t have a cooldown. But the one thing these moves all share is priority. So I think it’s much simpler to have “Instant” purely represent priority, rather than having a different word for every priority/cooldown combination.


Great work, as always. My one note was that Alert Decoy Rampage doesn’t really fit when in threatened mode, as the damage then is only 1.5x

I hope @Ned takes this post back to the team, because with all these new moves the consistency (which was retooled before) has gone out the window. As you noted, trying to decipher the moves in a 20 second timespan shouldn’t be the point of the game.

Even some of the symbology on the icons themselves need to be reevaluated, IMO. Group warning squeal/instant rumble, for example slows the opponent. Instead it’s the distraction icon that appears. They should have used the two red << brackets symbol used on most the other slowing moves.

That and I’ve maintained that the pounces need to either be all red or at the very least have the distraction symbol attached to them.


Yeah Alert moves are weird, because they have different effects and damage values in different states. I think Alert Decoy Rampage technically works because the move is entirely disabled in threatened mode, so it can only do 2x damage if it does anything. I’m sure that applies to other Alert moves though.

This is definitely true, and I totally agree with your suggestions here. I’d also like it if they made icons all a consistent color: like how Critical Impact is yellow, but Critical Rampage is entirely white. Icons are another quick way for players to understand what a move does, so getting these correct is important as well.


Back in the 1.5-1.9 days when my wife played; that was her biggest gripe. The symbols should reflect the actions so that you don’t have to guess at what the moves do. She was more of a casual player, but then again so are most.

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Yeah and since moves are only getting more complicated, clarity is even more important now. Back then the most complex move was probably something like Superior vulnerability.

Some of the name changes i agree with, but not all. Makes the game more boring with everything same names. like the quill moves, you turn them into boring names and I much prefer the old ones. I like instant prowl and deliberate prowl becomes just prowl, the other two you suggested I hate and the move loses it’s unique name. I also dislike what you suggest name changes for pounce, pounce sounds much better then “short distracting rampage” Another one I dislike name chage is fable fangs into “instant precise wounding impact” I still prefer fabled fangs. Also with the swoop moves, swoop fits much better, though it’s a bit weird spinotah has swoop also, so maybe make a new running bleed move just for it? Even though it’s meant to clear things up more, they don’t sound as good.

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Anyway! Instant Cunning Rampage shouldn’t exists, at least not for Phorurex :frowning:

Some name is made for short and easy ro remember, like “Quills” move, It named like that just to say it is a signature move for the 3 Scorpius rex, and “Lethal Wounding Stunning Impact”, “Restricted Distracting Stunning Impact” or “Distracting Wounding Impact” is unnecessary complex and it’s actually make the player stun/distract themself lmao