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Better rewards for repeating raids?

Getting a team to raid can sometimes be difficult in it of itself, but I feel like people would be more motivated to help even after they already did a raid if the rewards are better. Not to get more boss dna but the incentive to help others who haven’t done it when you already have isn’t enough sometimes, especially for those that repeat apex raids to help out other alliance members. @Ned please pass this suggestion to the team


Coins, that’s what is needed. Then people would keep doing the raid after having it completed once.


I agree with your point. The Incentive Incubator needs to be improved. It should have more greater rewards like coins, increased number of common dino DNAs, 2 or 3 any of the three stats boosts etc.


I totally second the motion. With more and more raids being added, including weekends now, it will be much harder to find dedicated players who are willing to help others, every days of the week. So I also agree, more coins would be nice, a boost here and there, or I guess, at least more “secondary” dna.

You thirsty, but I agree.


Agreed, If you get like 500-1000 coins per repeat apex raid more people would max it out. Shoot with people that already have level 30 mortems it would make them want to keep doing them.


Agreed. Raid burnout is happening thanks to the crowded raid calendar, even the dedicated raiders in my alliance aren’t doing as many as they used to.

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Estoy totalmente de acuerdo, son raids bastantes largas y necesitaríamos esa motivación extra

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I totally agree, they are quite long raids and we would need that extra motivation

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More dna in those incs. Once you win once or few times the amount of dna you get (22 rare and 44 common) feels laughable and not rewarding at all. Especially they don’t contain any exclusive dna but either global or local that’s easy to get.

Coins would feel like a bonus for sure.


I agree, just like battle incubators. Raid incubators need an upgrade i uses to do over 50 raids a week and am quite burned out from them. Outaide of simply helping people, theres really almost no rewards at all. It would be really nice to gain that fire again. But that would only happen if the rewards yielded the time used to help others

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