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Better trade harbor

I think the trade harbor should have:

-the possibility to make creature for creature trade like rare for rare or super rare hybrid for super rare hybrid. Counting the ferocity of the creature, you can only trade a creature of the approximate same ferocity

-The possibility of trading for a locked creature as in option when you do the custom trade, even if it double the price of the creature

-The possibility of choosing the rarity of creature(if you have enough resources to exchange with)

Add your wish for the trade harbor here!

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The first one nah, if you have to much of the dino, selling for dna is better

But the others are pretty good


Thank you,
I really hope they integrated a system to get locked creature.

What do you all think @Jurassic_Fury , @Andy_wan_kenobi , @Therizino2.0 , @Blacksaber, @FiddleTheDiddle , @Sionsith, @Aether_12 , @Dimetrocarnus , @Pristine_nightfury


I haven’t gotten to lvl 50 yet so I don’t know

Where’s the incentive on Ludia’s side?

Scarcity economics favors Ludia.

Sorry to be cynical on your idea


At this point it’s clear that ludia doesn’t want us to have easy access to locked creatures and has no intention of making them unlockable.

So something like this just won’t happen, people can buy a bunch of irritators and try to trade them for pyroraptors, so this is against ludia’s interests as they would prefer if you either spend your bucks to buy them or play for a very long time to try and get more copies.

you could buy a special pass for it and get more of those trade, only one per week of those special trade if you are not vip or something!

Also if you want that creature it would be one per week, so ludia can make money by selling us more of those trade, also for the dinosaure for dinosaure, you get a .1% chance of getting a locked creature

I was thinking of this idea, CT a creature for resources isn’t that good and a creature to creature CT could mean trading an unlocked copy for a locked one so I like this idea the most.

Don’t want to rain on dreams but @Andy_wan_kenobi is correct no incentive on Ludia’s part.


There are trades that are kaprosuchus (super rare) for 1437 bucks but there was also a trade that was ichytyostega for 100 bucks. So maybe in crease the bucks you receive

Pretty good but I don’t think Ludia would take it into account

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Good idea​:smiley::+1::+1::+1: