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Betting on Battles

Add a feature where you go into and bet on battles.

What happens is you go into bet on battles and you get to see two teams of 4 random creatures that will fight each other controlled by the AI. You decide which team you think will win and can place bets in chunks of 100 coins up to 1000 coins. If you loose, you loose all your coins, but if you win you get double what you bet.

The team you chose will be the one you see as though you are controlling it and the other team will be on the opponent side. You watch the battle hoping and cheering for your team or spit nails because the AI made a bad move and lost.

This could be kind of a fun addition.


Oh I love this. I don’t need a gambling problem, but I think that playing poker against Luigi kickstarted that a long time aho.

Sounds like Black Jack or Poker

But would love to do this nice idea

Maybe betting DNA would work.

Kind of like this idea.
But see some room for frustration. AI in this game really has been developed poorly. Just imagine betting on a team that could easily win the battle but AI decides to randomly swap between creatures :slight_smile:


It’s a similar thing with Smash Spectate, where you just have to sit there and watch your voted player do something extremely stupid over and over and over.


I think that’s pretty cool. But I think they would have to add a feature like spectator first. But yea love the idea.

You should probably rephrase that.

But other than that, this sounds like a pretty cool feature!