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Beware of Carnotaurus

Or should I say… Carnotaurus and Dracocera combination.

Well, ya know. I was fighting for daily mission in 1 match that tie 2-2, which I was surprise that the last 3rd of his team is CARNOTAURUS since those 2 I just beat are all Unique but I didn’t aware anything and let my guard down like ‘Oh well, guess you already give up eh?’

Carno didn’t do damage much against my half-dead stegod but just put ‘vulnerability strike’ to set up what’s coming next… after that you can guess what happened…

not complaining, just so fascinating that there are so several ways use SiDSR like this too. clever.


Interesting strategy. Definitely better thought out than my hopeless attempts at planning. :grin:

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I ended up getting a critical along with this xD
how my I-rex does 11340 damage :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Carnotaurus is underrated and under used

Well, leveling up TOAST is my meta once I unlock dracoceratops

Rampage and run into Swap in Dracoceratops is a pretty cool move when they are next to each other.

I found the guy

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You watch the TheGamingBeaver too?

Obviously, if not I wouldn’t be playing jurassic world evolution or jurassic world alive

Probably the same thing for me