Beware of claiming toothless trust points

@Ned are you guys still rolling our trust point to those who haven’t received any? Or it is a error and we should have had them by now. Please let me know so I can send my support key if need be. Thanks!

Hello Ned,
As i wrote After update i didnt receive the trust points for toothless.
Reading the forum, i contacted the in game support giving them also my support Key.
Was that ok or should i send an email to the address you provided here in the ludia forum?

Hey Ddedo, contacting our team through the in-game support works as well. :smiley:

@BriB, if you were having an issue with the Toothless Trust Points in the mail, please reach out to our support team either in-game or through the email address provided above. Thanks!

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I did, still waiting for a reply…


5days after email to support team…still waiting…

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