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Bewilderbeast ice taking more than 1 hit

Not always, but sometimes. I can send three tiles at new ice and one ice doesn’t break. I havent figures out a pattern to it. Guessing it is a bug since there was nothing in release notes about changes.

Of course the release notes also didn’t mention the 10* alpha nerf…

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That’s odd… Was it the first time the Bewilderbeast used its ability? In my Bewilderbeast fights today, I found that past ice from the same fight seems to stick around if you don’t break it…

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I hadn’t noticed any issues with ice not breaking with my Bewilderbeast fights today, but, knowing my luck, I just jinxed myself :joy:

Were you ever able to tell if it was just a graphical error? Like the ice was there but the damage still counted as 3 hits?

Not graphical because when It did break later, the tile was used up and did no damage. This happened at least twice since update

Dang :confused: I wonder why the Bewilderbeast got affected out of the blue. Though maybe it’s something that’s gotten to all Alphas and we just havn’t fought them yet to see.

Shellfire balistas were reduced 90%

I think it was glitch with bewilder unless there is something I’m missing. Didnt do my last attack.

Could be possible that I had an ice and then new ice made it double. I’ll watch on next bewilderbeast

@Talisax simply strange what I found in recordings of today … Seems to be visual though?


Hopefully it is just visual

I could search more material, in this specific case damage numbers are displayed (for all three green tiles although there was ice?) so I hope the damage counts?