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Bex Michel

She’s the second summer character and :heart_eyes: she’s beautiful. She happens to work at one of those traveling carnivals

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I wonder if there will be a male counterpart?

I doubt it seasonal characters dont seem to have counterparts

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I’ve only seen Nori as of right now

Maybe in a few days I’m temporarily VIP only because I got tired of waiting for Ingrid

She’s pretty! :heart_eyes: I read on a Facebook page that she’s not VIP, so anyone can match with her. But based on how long it took for Nori to appear for me, it’ll be a couple of days before I’ll see her anyway.



I want to match with her so I can read her story but I don’t want them to go and release a counterpart after lol

Theo, Hazel and Nick Klaus didn’t get counterparts so I doubt she will

I managed to match with her last night while on my break, and first impressions are good. I like her a lot so far

I’m going to be really sad waiting a whole year for her :cry: when she goes offline

Summer’s only just started a few weeks ago, 20th June in the US and 21st in the UK, and doesn’t end until 22nd September, so they could easily finish all 3 Summer stories before summer ends.

I just want more than one summer with her❤

She’s definitely my favourite of the girls. There’s some mystery about her past and the magic of working at a carnival. Like her a lot.

I matched with her and now she’s grayed out and I am sad

I stopped to build diamonds for Ingrid, Bex and Ruby

wait there’s a third? i’ve only seen bex and nico

Mokoa He’s a surfer

Isn’t Elizabeth a seasonal as well?

Elizabeth is Nicholas’ counterpart. :hourglass_flowing_sand: