Beyond frustrated with this game

I have been at Gyrosphere arena for the past 3-4 months, even hitting Nublar shores here and there. Now all of a sudden, I can’t win a battle to save my life, and I get knocked all the way down to Lockwood Library. I play everyday, and power up creatures when possible. I am so sick and tired of this stupid battling. There should be no way I instantly am so bad I cant win anything anymore.
And TITANABOA, what an absolute crock of junk this whole pursuit deal has been. I have now traveled over 700 miles since last Monday, and I have found ZERO!!! I am beyond irritated with this game. No possible way I should play as much as I do, and be rewarded with ZERO special creatures, and lose as much in arenas as I do.


Time to take things easy.

There are so many bad things In the game that starting to think of them again will make me sick…

You just play, enjoy levelling your team… Try to change your team, put some level 5/6/7 dinos on it.


Unless you’re buying boosts everyday, don’t expect to climb into higher arenas. Boosts have been in store everyday for 2 months now. Combine that with the season reset 2 weeks ago and there’s your answer as to why you can’t get back to where you were yet. You shouldn’t sweat it anyway, other than some extra purrusaurus dna, there’s no reason to climb up that high.


Yeah. It’s pretty irritating. ludia seems to not listen or probably just don’t care. It’s like they got a car that won’t start and instead of fixing the engine they put new rims on it, lowered it and new candy paint.
Unless we all out just BOYCOTT this game, it’s never getting fixed.


It’s too bad ludia got the rights to ruin what could be an amazing game.


You’re right, the fact it’s only Purrasaurus def lessens the pain haha. I just hate wasting at least 20 mins battling, and getting nothing out of it. And I haven’t bought boosts in months, I actually havent bought anything from this game in months. So that could make sense why I keep falling. I have noticed mega boosted dinos lately. Sadly it has gotten to a point that when I see a mega boosted creature, I just turn the game off and do something else. That’s no fun for anyone though

I’m sorry to hear about this, your probrably having to deal with Ludia’s horrible matchmaking… Dw, I’ve faced people with creatures that are stronger than mine, it’s not your fault for Ludia’s bad matchmaking and boost offers.

Agree with you this game is becoming annoying and bored, tired of the absurd match, tired of unbalanced Dinos, angry to have spent real money before, tired of th 10 in fuses. At the end ludia should close this game too…

Close the game?
What about the players that actually enjoy it?
Why should everyone else suffer because you hate it?


I played someone yesterday who ran out 3 dinos with 150+ spd, his only dino under 150 was a Thor at 149, my next opponent was the same guy again with 2 different dinos in his lineup and 1 was a Erl at 148 and the other was a 152 Indo. Boosts are beginning to more noticeably create gap. The game will always be frustrating by design because frustration may lead a competitive player to spend. I dropped from 5900 to 5400 and I may actually let myself drop more, find a way to make it fun for yourself or let it go.

To be fair it usually takes at least a couple of weeks for things to settle after reset. People that are normally in Shores are just now getting out of Gyro so you could be fighting some super top teams. Just hang in there and you’ll settle where you are supposed to. Swings can happen though. :woman_shrugging:


It does seem particularly bad this time round; just got into Nublar last season and have a high score of 5741 currently, although in the last few days have been dumped back to library - currently bouncing between 5450 and 5550.

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No way :o I’m higher than you then :slight_smile: 5574 right now.

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I like haunt and unlock, but what is the sense to unlock dinos if you can´t fight and win to climb in the arenas?
Do you enjoy play and win 1 of 15 battles?
I don´t hate it, never said that, I mean I´m unhappy with the mechanics of the game, I saw people is more sad for the other game…

I agree, does seem to be moving slower but I haven’t ever properly paid attention so who knows.

** sorry didn’t mean to reply directly to you @PQC

No worries - I do that all the time :rofl:

When I get stuck I intentionally lose until I drop several arenas (this takes a while!!) And then I start a whole new team of Dino’s I’ve never had time to level up and work with. It is super fun again and I discover Dino’s I like that I wouldn’t have known if I just kept toiling in the top arenas.

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