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Beyond frustrated

Can someone tell me a counter to Thor? Just lost 4 straight battles to 7/7/6 Thor’s consistently 3-4 levels stronger than my whole team. Then it’s followed up by a big rat. I love playing competitively but it makes we want to quit when I see the same freaking 2 dinos wreck my team no matter who I have. This unbalanced arena isn’t fun Ludia


Unless you pay thousands of €€€€ you cant beat those freaks…it is what it is buddy
Ludia doesnt want to balance speed boosts and boosts overall .shame on then


Magnapyritor works best. It can sponge a distracted DSI and IC from a thor well above it’s level. Rinex also works wonders since it can do the same thing. Utasino too, but that’s slightly less reliable.


Another counter that I’ve found works well is procerathomimus. It worked well before its buff, and still does.


Thanks for the support and ideas everyone. Rinex I’m probably closest to except I only have Draco at 16 so it’ll be ages. I love the match ups when it’s my legendaries and epics vs someone else’s with the occasional unique. Not 3 high leveled uniques and rat for overkill

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Thor actually has a lot of counters and isn’t nearly as great as other top tier dinos. Sadly you and many others are dealing with ludias mishandling Of 100s if free sino dna for 6 months. This leads to Thor well above team level. This problem becomes worse when the easiest legendary in the game to create and level is also overleveled, the rat making it not only unfair but impossible for lower level players to win. Thor is hard countered by rinex, magna, Tenontorex if you win speed tie, dilo, and I don’t use them but likely utahsino and even procera now could likely do a lot of damage.


Thanks for that info. My only unique is tenonto and unfortunately I literally NEVER win speed ties. Not sure why. Mine is tier 6 (135) speed so good but anymore I see 135+ speed with 2100 attack and it creams me. Will indo g1 be a counter now with its stun immunity? I’m close to unlocking him

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Yup, this is the reason I play with many of the creatures on the left and haven’t moved up to use my level 20-21’s. I get really bored of playing the same team over and over and constantly inter change different dino’s on and off my team to completely changing my team all together as I did this week. I’m not bothering to boost any of these.

I went from this team to the left to the team to the right with 5 of the new creatures and I gained another 200 trophy’s with these new guys. Both are good teams and I may combine the best of these later.
My%20Team%2020190906 <-From To-> My%20Team%2020190911
If by chance I get one more win, I’ll be up to Lockdown. I am currently at my highest score for having level 15-16 non boosted teams. This is just so much more fun even if I’m playing against many of the same creatures as the new players don’t have these yet.

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Speed ties typically favour those closer to the server in Canada. I’m in Australia so lose a lot myself. Indo gen 1 should be able to counter Thor head up but it’ll leave indo vulnerable to be set up on, unless you try dodges. Haven’t done all the math and crits and turn two and what not, but head to head equal level and what not indo should win

That’s awesome! I love the fresh perspective on a way to play. I may have to do that. But that would mean sacrificing a lot of losses in aviary which I am competitive so that’s a tough pill to swallow lol solid squads though and very fun. I just completed the campaign up until like 68 (not leveled enough to go on) and it made me realize how many legendaries I’m still missing

Cool thanks man and love the name haha

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Thanks haha.