Biased Battle System


This may seem a bit weird, but I’m sure we’ve all been at the mercy of the Random Choice in battles, never quite knowing which four of the eight we’ll be fighting with. I’m just gonna say this isn’t a complaint thing, but rather something I’ve been noticing for a while, and I’m curious to see if others have as well.

This is my team. I’m in the Badlands actually doing fairly well. However, before Nodopata was added, I had Argentinosaurus (or Tino, as I call him), who is a fantastic Long Neck. He’s great at taking all sorts of punishment as well as dishing it right back. But once I unlocked Nodopata, I noticed that out of all the battles I had this morning, save for the very last one before all my slots filled up, I never saw her once. Instead I got Einia, Stego, Stegocera…not the worst starts as they’re good if done right, but it made me think back to when I added other “rarer” members like Dilophosaurus, Spino, and Rex. They would almost never be chosen. I remember when Stegocera finally got added to the line-up, it was against a bot. What was Nodopata’s first opponent? An Allo. Not the greatest situation since it has Armor Piercing, but, what can ya do? She still stood against it well enough. I just need to get my strategy together.

Anyway, my point is that the Random Choice doesn’t seem to like choosing Epics or rarer if your team has Commons and Rares, but even then, Rares kinda get shoved in the back seat if you have more Commons. Again, I’m not complaining, I prefer the random choice so you’re not up against jerks with a Legendary while you’re getting your sea legs on the Arcadia (no joke, this really happened). I don’t get why it seems against rarer dinos, but it’s quite annoying. I prefer starting with my Long Neck just for the bulk and Speed Reduction moves, not really higher attack (Einia) or one of my best (Rex, Vraptor).

What do you guys think? Has it happened to you?


Yep. It can get frustrating at times. The selection of 4 from your team of 8 is random, but it sometimes throws you a group of 4 where you are forced to rethink your strategy in regards to defense/offense.

I don’t think it’s intentionally biased, but it is there to make the game more challenging at times.


It feels like I get a good random spread across all eight of mine actually.


Yeah, I know. Just kinda sucks when it chooses the same 4 dinos for battles in a row.


Hm, maybe mine needs an update…that or I need to “git gud” lol.