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BiceratopsWrecks recruiting, all-inclusive, no stress alliance

Hey, all! I’m recruiting for my brand new alliance after leaving my old one due to the chat turning bigoted and racist. If you want a no stress alliance environment where you can just enjoy playing the game without having a million rules to follow, apply in-game to BiceratopsWrecks!



Plenty of spots open. Chill, no pressure alliance. :slight_smile:

The TEXAS JWA REGULATORS has spots available, if you’re looking and interested.

Dude, please don’t hijack my recruitment post to advertise your alliance. Please make a post of your own.

I’m so sorry… After reading your post we felt obligated to offer you a seat at our table. We don’t need your post to do any hijacking, but thank you for the consideration anyway. The offer still stands, should you find it difficult to obtain new recruits. Best of luck to you.