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Big 3 Chompers


Hey Folks!! Ever wonder how to make best use of your big chompers in the arena? Well, I’ve written an article as to help give insight to further build upon your battle strategies. Let me know what y’all think!


Great read. I already have Thor, and Tryko isn’t too far behind at the moment, at least when it comes to being able to fuse. This’ll definitely help in the long run!!

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Great read- especially since my Tryko is rather new and I don’t have a Tenoto. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience! :blush:

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I really enjoy reading and respect your writing style. How do you feel about Tenontorex as a Dracocera counter? Thor commonly one shots the little bigger and I’m close to a 26 with Tenonto and wonder if the same potential is there. My Thor is at a 28 and have a 25 Tryko on the team. Thanks for the good read!


Excellent article here @Marktheshark! Good job! I always knew you have a talent and futur in writing. Keep it coming!


Nice read. I really want Thor can someone tell me how thorads fusing is? I’m getting close to start fusing. How much allisino and tarbo is needed for a fuse?


It can be argued that tryko’s matchup against dilorach highly depends on the composition of your team and health of remaining dinos. Ranging anywhere from “struggles against” to “thrives against”. There are situations when tryko can be used as an effective dilorach stopper.

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The fusing costs are based on how many rarities above you’re fusing into.

1 tier = 50 (example - common into rare)
2 tier = 200 (example - common into epic)
3 tier = 500 (example - common into legendary)
4 tier = 2000 (example - common into unique)


Tenonto = permanent team member.

Thor and Tryko? Riding the pine.


I have all 3. Tryko is the newest of the 3. I love Tenontorex!! He is one of mt favorites :slight_smile: He seems to crit at a pretty high rate and often times 1 shots a Dracoceratops :slight_smile:


Great read got tryko and thor but no tenonto as they moved the rare to parks and not many events for him so don’t get the dna i would like


I definitely found this article very insightful and full of pointers I will use in my future experiences. Thankyou for taking your time to write so much great information for all to ponder. I hope to someday be at a level where I will put it all to good use.


I legit pondered this one for a while. You’re right, Tryko can go into this quite favorably at times, but with the stun capability & high damage output, it tends to swing in Dilo’s favor more often than not

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You answered my question, thanks! I was wondering if having all 3 on the team is a good idea. Sounds like it is worth a try :slightly_smiling_face:


Tbh, I actually recently took Monostego off my team for Tenonto. It’s added an interesting mash up for my opponents. It’s not my go to to use against Dracocera due to its 20% crit being less likely to do the job on DC as opposed to Erlidom or Thor, but I would definitely say Tenonto’s “20% crit” seems to crit more than Indo & Monostego


My 24 Magna isn’t cutting it lately at all so 29 Steg, 30 Meg, 28 Tryo or 25 Tenonto need to come back in for awhile.


Yeah that extra bulk from Tenonto certainly helps

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This is deflating news for me. I’m telling you I have a 98% chance to get 10 point fuses here.
Other than 10 allIsee is 20. I’ve got 90 point fuse about 3 times over a year. Its like the indo raptor is unfair. Need 500 raptor to merge in indom and than another 2000 raptor? Come on ludia that’s like a month of work for 10 points this makes me feel very dreaded.

Also, I’m sorry to go off topic but would be nice to get the dinos mentioned guess I need another year.


I liked my Tenontorex, but at 23 she’s not quite there yet so I replaced her with my newly leveled 25 Monostegotops until I get get a couple more levels in her. It’s good to have a second nullifier on my team though.


Thank you @Marktheshark! Fantastic, well written article! :heart: So appreciate your time an input. I just created Tryko (who didn’t) and this helps immensely with his uses and counters to him during every single match since St. Patrick’s Day.