Big Ankylo change

I got bored, so here’s a random buff for Anylosaurus


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ALSO, it’s not meant to be balanced, it’s just here

That anky buff is extremely comedic


Why do both of them have Sinai or attacks to fierces they should have attacks in the 1,000-1,200s

Wouldn’t even be that bad considering how hard they’d still be stomped by defense shatterers. Heck, I’d consider giving anky g1 group taunting resilient impact(ankymoloch’s impact) in exchange of 100 attack. Teryx and megalot would cry so hard

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Or just give them vulnerability counter

I think the reason u put high damage to ankys is because they are Living Tanks

Woolly Rhino would like to have a word with you

The second anky’s buff isn’t too bad ngl

I wanna see your Bumpy Rework

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Do you really dare?

Yes i do
10 chars

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you know, thats actually not as troubling as I thought it would be

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Cause they said they weren’t supposed to be balanced

If you changed swap in stunning strike to swap in headbutt it would actually be balanced. Man you gotta do better than that. We wanna see those instant maiming definite devastations out here my dude.

This is a joke please don’t take offense

Lol, Head Butting anky animaytion

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