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Big Blue Trust Points Chest

I just spent 500 runes on a “Big Blue Trust Points Chest” and it says on the description I would get at least 50% trust point on LightFury or the other Blue Dragon that I don’t know the English name for it.

Thing is, I only got a few trust points for this other blue dragon.
What do you guys mean by 50%??
And please, add the option for me to change language so I don’t have to be guessing names and stuff when I’m talking to the other clan members and also don’t get tricked into buying wrong stuff because of an eventual bad translation.

Hey Arkan, the Large Blue Trust Chest contains Light Fury and Stormfly Trust Points. The 50% means that you will have a 50% chance to obtain trust points from either dragon in the chest.

May I also ask which language your device is set to?

Will you reply to us Ned?

Hei Ned, thanx for the kind reply.
My device is set to brazilian portuguese (and so is the game, obviously)

The description on the Chest in portuguese led me to believe I would get at least 50% of the trust points needed to get the dragon. It doesn’t say anything about how many points we may get, so maybe that is the confusion. If I knew I could get so few trust points, I would have invested the runes is something else.

Anyway, I’m not complaining, just giving a feedback.

Thanks again for the kindness.

I’m sorry about that, and I’ll be sure to send your feedback to our team so they can take a look.

Ned, will you ask the team about iOS players compensation too?

Hey TheMurmuquil, once we have more information from our team, we’ll be sure to let everyone know. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, keep us updated please! There really shouldn’t be a reason to not compensate us!