BIG BUFF to big nerf


*I truly don’t understand why we have to lose big buff after our dragon rider subscription ending. I understand that we lose it after the FREE trial, but if I paid for another month I should keep Big Buff.

Now I have recently be given the information that there was a time that if you had gotten the Dragon riders club before a patch you got to keep Big buff. Now I don’t understand why we can’t keep it now. Is it for money. I understand you are a company who needs funds for other things and their employees. But I mean come on why couldn’t we people who paid for the subscription be given the choice to keep Big Buff. I feel that we should keep him, but at a less powerful state.

I propose you lower all his stats by 66% when the trial is over, but you get to keep him. But while the trial is on it should be the same as he is right now. I do understand that Big Buff is a special dragon and is something only for dragon riders, but if we can’t afford to keep paying for it we loss everything from the club, but we should keep big buff.

I know this might make it that does who do have the funds to keep getting the dragon riders club get a little mad or angry that the dragon they have isn’t special. They say it would be unfair, but that is why we would give him a big nerf and extremely weaker when the trial ends. This would make the dragon collectors happy that they could keep an amazing dragon without paying monthly.

Now you will only be able to keep him if you paid for at least a month (not the free trial). Also those who already lost big buff should be able to get him back.

Another options that once you had the monthly trial end Big Buff heads to the store for I think about 3000 runes maybe 2000 if you guys are feeling generous. But this option is only for those who already had the dragon riders club for at least a month and still want too keep him.

Now I hope you can read this and take into consideration and listen and respond to what I had to say. Any Criticism or ideas will be greatly appreciated for it will make my idea better.

Thank- Rafael Leal


Hello @Rafael_Leal,

Thank you for taking the time to address this. I’ll make sure to forward your concern and suggestion for Big Buff to our team.

Have a great day!