Big fail? Still, most players have the same dinos and same team after 2 years — Why?

I never seen any players reacting to this question.

Why does the majority of players still have the same dinos, team and setup after 2 years of playing?

Is it a problem with no variation in the arena?

What could the developers do to attractive more variation of the teams?

Why don’t players get more and better hybrids of all the DNA we already collected? Why are all the new updates about collenting new DNA and not about making variation…? :thinking::thinking:

Still, why don’t players use all the new hybrids from past 1-4 updates?


I bet you’re making this post to see how many people reply with “boosts”.


exclusive dna.
can’t use new creatures when they’re 9 levels below your team and it takes a year to get them there.


That too. And boosts. All the dinos are outboosted by other ones.

Both of the above.

In terms of boosts, I’ve still got 3 dinos without many boosts on my team which I could technically replace… If I could get the DNA I actually needed.


Answer for me right now… cause it’s corona time

It’s gotten a lot harder to introduce a new critter into your team now that you need to apply boosts as well as levelling up.

The fact that a lot of the DNA needed for some of the newer hybrids isn’t easy to obtain (event exclusives etc.) doesn’t help either.


Many good points in this topic!

This above makes a very good point.

With all this effort it takes, do people find it TO HARD to play the game?

Is the amount of time players put in to the game worth the experience of the game?

Or do people find it to frustrating to play the game? Meaning, after finding the DNA and later understand you need to spend cash for boosts?

Do to many players quit the game before they giving it a chance?

What’s the argument to have a game with exklusive dna? Whats the benefit for players? What’s the benefit for the company?

I think, If people got more variation, they would later spread out their boosts on more dinos. In thats case we would have more variation in the arena.


Because of the time and effort to get any new creatures to the same level and boosted tier. It will take a year or more to get anything new to the same point.

Other than remove boosts (which will never happen) I don’t think there is anything.

Because certain hybrids are perceived as being better choices. Any new well liked hybrids will take that year or more to get up to a playable level.

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Sure. The game takes A LOT of time to play. The game itself is very hard to play aswell. It demands a lot of time OUTSIDE the apartment, and its not a very social playing.

People sacrifice time with friends, family and other distractions. How many players want to spend their time alone hunting?

Why would players spend 100s of hours hunting for dinos, while they are useless if they are not boosted…?

In other words, is the mechanics of the game to hard to stay motivated for 1+ year…?

Because it takes a lot of effort to get them to level 30 and with more creatures available the ingredient DNA is diluted.

Spread out their boosts? Players dont even spread out their boosts among their teams let alone spread them out beyond the 8 that makes their team for the sake of variety.

Looking at 1.13 balance changes I would say Ludia felt there was to much arena variety and knocked a few dinos down a peg or two.

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Not at all. I’ve been playing since launch, so 2 years now, and I still enjoy playing. I go out hunting dinosaurs even if I don’t need their DNA, because someone on my Alliance may do one day or X amount is needed for a daily mission. The Arena isn’t the be all and end all of the game. Maybe long time players stick to their chosen team and newer players go with a different set of hybrids. At the end if the day, it is the players who set what the meta is and it will always be that way.

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You’re joking, right? Indoraptor, Dilorach, Rinex, etc. have all fallen out of high usage. New guys like Orion, Maxima, Gemini, Nemys, etc have come in to take their place. Lots of people are using newer stuff. If anything older dinos have been snuffed out.


I don’t play the same team more than one or two days and only two either because I didn’t play or was just too lazy to put together a completely new team. These are my level 20-21 creatures. I am working on getting the new ones and those up to level 20. I have 95 so far. When I can’t decide what to play, I get a number generator and make my team of randomly picked creatures.


Exclusive DNA means people would buy more exclusive incs for it. But Ludia being incompetent forgot to sell said exclusives and then nerfs the creatures using such exclusives.

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1 year ago my team was: IndoR, Thora, Utarinex, Dilocherius, Spinotasuchus, DracoRat, Tryko and TraGod/SteGod.

Now its: Tryko, Thora, Tenoto, Smilo, IndoR G2, Erlid, Magna and Ardent.

Boosts get sunk into the ones they’ve got. They don’t really want to refund for less to try something else when what they’ve got works. It takes a lot of time and coin to level things as well.

I’d say most teams are pretty much as they have been since 1.8-1.9. Diloracheirus, Utarinex, Stegodeus, and Monostegotops don’t really exist anymore.

But I sigh and groan almost every match facing the same. things. every. game. It irritates me greatly facing approximately 3% diversity. Not many are willing to experiment


Here is the problem. Ludia doesnt reset the boosts, boosts are expensive, only a handful of dinos are viable in any 1 meta. So Ludia is locking teams for everyone and then causing itself less revenue.

Ludia needs to remove boosts and go to selling exploration bundles and giga scents. Not because boosts are bad but because they limit what potential the game has as an earning machine.

Ludia is selling Alienware computers freely but limiting the sale of toilet paper. Soon players all have the computers and are going toilet less because not enough toilet paper.