Big Nerf to Bard and Wizard (2 of my favourite)

They nerfed versatility of these 2 massively. I feel like they read my post about how good these 2 are and how to use them together and basically said wait they’re too good.

Bard had the dominate ability duration dropped down from 3 to 2.

Bard had her epic weapon lose the ability to immobilize a row instead of a single target as it leveled up.

Wizard had the range dropped on her disarm from 2 to 1 (at first).

Also had the damage dropped on her immobilize ability.

These 2 characters were absolute favs and there combo of abilities gave me the versatility to get through some tough enemies and tough rooms. This nerf definitely impacts my ability to through tough dungeons. The didn’t seem to get extra dmg to compensate with the losing on there versatility abilities.

They just weakened 2 of my favs and made the game even harder. Much of the rest of the update seems good (though I haven’t got to try pvp yet), but I’m not happy about this.

Any other changes to characters you noticed, better or worse?

nerfs to good equipment, and buffs to junk equipment. in an effort to balance PvP, you’ve given the shaft to PvE. Which is the core of DnD. hmmmmm

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I find that in PvP the opponent wizard still has a range of 2 for disarm.
Also after last update the opponent seems to proc all specials way more than I do. Looks like they’re ‘tweaking’ the balance.

So the moral if the story: If you have / found good items, strategy, etc. dont share =/

At level 3 for epic hood she gets range 2 back. It used to be at level 1, and level 3 was a power boost