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Big ol’ buff to Slowing Impact?


The maintenance that just happened seems to have resulted in a text change (haven’t checked if there’s any actual play change) to Slowing Impact. The cooldown changed from 4 to 2!



My Monosteg is SO GRATEFUL. There comes a point in battles where you’re stuck with nothing but the basic nullifying strike twice in a row and it sucks right now. This will be great!

ETA: and Nullifying Impact too!!


1.6 patch note: stego incubator.


Not only slowing impact but nullifying impact cd is down to1


Will make a huge difference to Monostego - the two rounds with basic moves only is such a drag especially as at L23 the 3 main moves take out a lot of creatures and you are left facing the new one with a peashooter …

Good for Suchotator and others as well :slight_smile:

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I recall seeing something about nullifying before but this is the first I’ve noticed for Slowing as well. Will let my Monosteg last longer now.


Text change happened before maintenance. Not sure if it works that way now but I think it will happen when 1.6 launches.

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Certainly the cooldown on Suchotator was still 2 moves yesterday despite the text change


I hope that with the new version there is some kind of Nerf for the Monostegotops, maybe damage or life reduction because if not, it will not only become the best legendary but it will be much superior to most uniques. From now on all his hits will be x1.5 and with the combination of speed reduction, he will almost always be faster than his rival.


It can still be distracted and has no cleanse ability


Yes, but assuming it is distracted in the first shot of a faster opponent, then it chains three hits, two reduced ones (slowing impact and stunning impact) and one already whole. So far this blow should be the Nullifyng impact to be able to be x1,5 and then receive two hits. Now it can be the Slowing Impact again, receive a single hit and hit again with the Nullifyng Impact. At that time he will have received two blows and hit four.

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This happened 2 days ago. Before the maintenance.


I made a post about it. It got overlooked. Lol but havent noticed anything different since maintenance


Helps Sucho take down I-Rex - now you have to wait for it to cloak before using nullify, but with a 1 move cooldown you can use nullify straight away in case it cloaks first but if it cloaks after you will still be able to nullify it again before it gets you


Monosteg also struggles against armor, so she won’t be overpowered. She needs at least 1 crit to take down a Steggod 2 levels higher.

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Because this is just what Stegocera and Monosteg needed. -.-
Not happy about this.