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Big problem

Hello, since your update this afternoon all iPhone users in France who have made the update have nothing on the map no dinossaure no package of supplies. Thank you to settle it as soon as possible and this time to compensate for the disappointment but by other things than dinodollars


Chill out! It’s normal in this game :wink:


Hey guys, our team is aware of the issue and looking into it at the moment!

Me too, and I’m in Italy

Belgium as well…

If I phone users get compensated for not being able to play do Android users get it to :thinking:.

I am from Chile and I have the same problem, I have iPhone 7 Plus

Fine on IPhone in the UK. Well NW england at least. IPhone 5s

It same her in Denmark :-((

This is what the maintenance break is for probley tomorrow to fix it

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The meteor hit




Hey DPG members, rest assured that our team is still looking into this issue. In the meantime, if it is possible, try changing the language setting on your device to English and then restart your game.

Let me know if that helps!


I had the same problem then switched my phone in English. It seems it works


Thank you Debora yes it worked by passing my phone in UK language, hope that we solve the problem quickly enough.


Great!!! :pray:t2::upside_down_face:

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Weirdly enough helped for me too. Everything still appears after changing back to my own language

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Update: It disappears again after walking a while. So seems I will have my phone in English a while

IOS or Android ?

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I am on iOS. My Android tablet works perfectly as normal

i am in paris,i have the same problem.