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Big schnoz horses

A concept tbh


This is actually really well made. The only thing I may change is lowering its speed to like 124 since Hybrids typically go down in at least one of their stats from their previous form. This way it’s still fast, just not as fast as the rare, and still has the decent attack and health stat


Rend immunity? How does that work?

The amount of damage done by rend is decreased

Yes but,Rending resistance reduces damage,so Immunity makes Savagery or RT do 0 dmg?

Yup. They’re anti swap

That was something I missed upon first glance. While anti swap is great, completely nullifying rending moves is a bit much. I’d say lower it to 50, maybe 30% for the rare

True. I think it would be really nice to see a unique that can just stonewall dracocera. The shield also stops Monolorhino

Interesting creature but the only thing that is ridiculous is that it has 100% resistance